Faction pics!




Cool pictures! :beers:

Ok so here it goes Andrea, promised screenshots :slight_smile: I beg you a pardon for small, couple of months delay :heart:

Battle for Venus, last day of HWS 2.x
MAD (NRA>MRA>MAD+MDA>PKA) event. Goal was to kill the base on Venus. Noone succeded that day in huge nearly 5 hours long battle. Next day AFT took damaged base in 2 minutes alone, sadly event ended day before so no reward for him.

MAD Mighty Fleet preparation before battle, one of the strongest SV on picture bellow, designed by Gareth.

Some other ships of MAD Mighty Fleet. As you can see in chat, Gareth is already on his way (actualy he already arrived in SV on the right)

One of our best pilot considering choosing another approach to parking SVs in base. Luckily shes pretty good in shouting out for help :smiley:

In battle there was no time to take screens, casaulties was huge on both sides but as you can see in chat nothing can break our spirit. Girl Power is gone…and 2 of Zappe21 SVs too.

But it wasnt only us who took a swim. Rest in Peace Combat Miner. Im sure smudgybear will miss it.

Sometimes victory comes at terrible price. Diversity is gone, it still fills my heart with sadness to see this pride of the fleet lying on a seabed with no power.

On the left dead Smudgy’s Combat Miner, in middle and right MAD Apona’s Paragon, fought bravely to the end, covering south of the base. Still capable of flying after battle.

In last desperate effort to capture base Kogami flies in with mighty flagship. As you can see Paragon’s turrets still kicking! No surrender!

Kogami’s tool of destruction destroyed, we avenged loosing of Diversity. Base structures in background.

Most funny thing is that all these monster beasts was still flying next day in morning. There is literaly nothing inside this CV but it still going on.

And here we are. Flying around in half of my SV. You are right Gareth. “We fucked up shit” guys.

Thanks for your attention ladies and gentleman. MAD is leaving starter planet in 3.0, flying towards another adventure. Sadly not a game to play for me anymore, but i miss the old times which will never come back. Rest in peace Empyrion.
And to answer your question from chat Andrea…yes i put screens of the MAD/MDA on the forum :smiley:

Thanks a lot to all who allowed us to experience this lovely battle, Rexxx, Jascha, of course all other admins (Candy in that time), I always forget to mention others damn it.
Fierce wariors like Kogami, Smudgybear, ALI, AFT and all others who was there and i dont remeber them.
And if you ask where Thran was that time…in PvE as always :bear:

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pmsl i was not parking up side down thos darn hanger doors munched me till i was dead!
THANKYOU eLFIAS GREAT MEMORIES. Just hope you will keep coming to discord and have a chat with us from time to time we miss the old
faction and the friends we made.


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I was enjoying these pics till I so the stale bread pics of the SWP cv’s

I died once by friendly fire when attempting to loot an SWP ship :smiley:
Other than that I can’t believe my ship took 0 damage to it’s internals.

Love my inverted turrets. Much better than regular positioning. Also making them float makes it really hard to target them.

Damage taken: about 2 million+ judged by it’s %hp when landing it on repair bay. Lost 1 gun & 1 turret.
Repair costs: < 10k.
Ammo costs: too much…

They did penetrate 6 layers of armor in the front in the middle but didn’t get close. But we had the bigger numbers that night.

Ugly ship, but some design into it…

Have 2 other designs but… ingots… expensive…

Well i got harrassed by the whole server for my cube designs, so i had to redesign :stuck_out_tongue: its time i put that burden upon others aswell ^^

Try coloring a ship with a cost of 3-5 million iron ingots… Just the outer layer alone will take forever… Nevermind designing it. To me any ship >~2 million iron ingots = gray cube. Devs should give us better tools like patterns and color-commands and double-mirroring.

Why make it so big then? i feel like we need the 10k block limit put in again.

Well because 50 layers of spaced armor in each direction = win win win. You can afk for half an hour and still happily fly away while the attacker lost more than you (ammo more expensive than armor blocks).

Also ship isn’t slow nor immobile.Fuel cost however is not funny.

Just takes me forever to get enough iron ingots for it. Iron is the problem not sathium for those big ships.

AND of course bigger ships can have more redundancy. Randomly spread out core components and the enemy must shoot it for hours before disabling it.

Ok Thran, im sorry. I was upset on your builds as i would expect ppl to keep their creations in some limit to keep server runing.

Now when i hear about Tiny’s Tiny Ships i have to admit that there is new bigger fish to fry :smiley:

With current bugs… Its still 50/50.

Faction planet - 7 deposits. 6 AMD T3 on each. 42 AMD, makes 4+ stacks Ore every 12-14 hours. Where the problem?

Yeah I got 17 miners on that rota planet right now. Still takes forever. But you count shared AMD’s, I count solo.

[quote=“AlexAKM, post:16, topic:2081”]
With current bugs… Its still 50/50.
[/quote]True. After seeing some more bugs and hearing about some more and finding some myself I must agree with Alex. You can build your ships to counter most bugs, but it only needs 1 bug to delete your ship… And most exploits… I mean… Most ‘valid tactics’ are totally allowed anyway.
But 50/50 = better than 10/90.

I have to say I hate the design but after I got fly swatted by SWP last night. I built a new cv and guess what it is a block its the only way to make a pvp mp cv that I know off really.