Faction Reputation Mechanic broken?

I have not been able to improve my relations with Talon, specifically by killing Zirax.
in the Faction tab, you can see a set of defined mechanics to improve relations.

as shown in the screen shot:

Talon rep points have not increased, naturally Zirax reputation is now in the gutter.
(Polaris should also be increasing with Zirax kills, but that as you can see isn’t changing either).

it seems the only actual way to improve relations is to just stay out of the respective territories for 5 minutes, for miniscule improvements.

I’m not sure if this is working as intended, or if its just another broken feature with the update.

right now the only Faction improvement im receiving is only +50 to Zirax every 5 minutes (for not being in their territory, however: im not in any faction territory, so the other 2 factions should also be improving.)

you can also do a repeatable quest once a day that gives you 5000rep

its in your PDA under each factions tasks


It’s a game bug. Nothing can be done about it server side. Your best bet is to report it directly to Eleon.

You only gain positive rep by staying out of their territory IF you are currently hostile with them as well. You get nothing for staying out if you are already above hostile (as you are.) This is intended behavior.

The once a day faction missions are the only way to raise it currently. It’s a bug that was introduced in the couple recent patches.


yes, but the specific mechanic is broken …

as I suspected, thank you.

yeah its really annoying ot be honest, alot seems to cause faction loss but not alot causes faction gain

I’m sure its something that Rexxxus and Co are working on, in the meantime we just have to live with the buggy mess that Eleon gave us.