Faction Restrictions

I have tried setting both tags and ids on the playfields in the belongs to faction column and turned on playfield faction restrictions under structers tabs and people that have not power in server are still able to go to playfields they don’t own. Is this feature not working or am I over looking something?


What is your tool Setup?

Do you run the tool on the server as master, or local as slave?
If local as slave: You have to make sure to set it up on the master.
So go on the left to “Functions”–>“Master/Slave”–>“Master Config” and here turn on the 'Activate Playfield Faction Restriction"

Then it should work.

If not let me know.

Here is more information, just in case:

Local to the server master/slave disabled

hm that is strange…

that’s why I was wondering I asked a guy to test it and he could go anywhere

He has no priviledges as admin, moderator right?
Or he also did not have any Faction-Protection (in the faction list) activated?

So you run the tool only on the server?

If so what you could do:

  • Go to Config - Debug and activate Detailed logs
  • Enter a forbidden Playfield
  • Wait ~ 2-3 minutes
  • Then you can turn of detailed logs again
  • Please send me the logs in the Log folder of EmpAdminHelper\Logs from that day and tell me the time you tested it.

I enabled debug and detailed logs he is just a player but I can not find said debug and detailed logs only the playfield and dedicated logs where are the detailed and debug.

The logs are located in the tool folder.
Usually here:
…SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\EmpyrionAdminHelper\Logs

Log_CSW_20181011.txt (144 Bytes)
Log_Debug_20181011.txt (1.7 KB)
Log_Statistics_20181011.txt (108.1 KB)
Log_20181011.txt (2.2 MB)
Log_Connection_20181011.txt (4.5 MB)
Log_20181011.txt (2.2 MB)
Log_20181011.txt (2.2 MB)
Log_Connection_20181011.txt (4.5 MB)
Log_CSW_20181011.txt (144 Bytes)
Log_Debug_20181011.txt (1.7 KB)
Log_Statistics_20181011.txt (108.1 KB)

At 305 player entered orbit at 315 player entered planet at 325 I told player they could leave and stop testing

Could it be that everyone is in Origin 0?

Please set the BelongsToOrigin to 999 to not make a check for the Origin.
I think that must be the problem.

I will do this and let you know.