Faction Theft

So I havn’t played in a while as I’m sure you can tell from your logs. Two of the guys I used to play with convo me on steam a couple days ago to “get the band back together”. We started together on the server last night and 1 of them played for a couple hours and the other for a little longer. I stayed on for hours getting our base going, and getting a CV going so we could get off the planet. In fact I had the CV parked in orbit and left both of them a message to let me know when they got on so I could come pick them up.

A little while ago I see them online and so I log in. I had unloaded all my gear into cargo containers on the CV. When I log in I’m floating in space. Only one of them is responding in discord and he says he took the ship to pick up the other guy. No big deal. A few seconds later they both drop faction and take my CV and all of my supplies with them. Normally I wouldn’t really care if someone left my faction even and took ships with them. But this was my CV. I built it while they were off farming for xp and shooting noobs on the planet.

The only thing I have left now is a small station in orbit with a few farming plots. I have no tools or gear of any kind and I’m stuck in space. I used my FA:supply to get the materials to build the ship and as I understand it that was a one time thing or at least I can’t do it again for another week.

It seems that these guys specifically invited me to join them so that they could wait for me to build something worth stealing or maybe they just intended to steal my supplies I left in the cargo and the ship was a juicy target. I don’t know. They are no longer responding to me on discord.

Obviously they would have been entitled to their part of the supplies but the vast majority of what was in the ship and the CV itself was collected and constructed by me alone. They were perfectly aware that I had no gear on me and they that everything I had was in that CV so there is no way this was simply a confusion over who owned what. I built the CV completely without them they know they had no claim to it. So this is a very definite case of faction grieving which as far as I know is still against the rules right?

I would appreciate having my ship and my supplies in it returned to me. As for punishment for their grieving I leave that in your capable hands.

====== NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: See Above
Player(s) with issue: FullSized
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): aprox 8:00 GMT
Playfield: Lawless Starter System
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): CV, I dont know the id and since it was stolen can’t look it up
How can we help you now: Return my property stolen by faction members

Hello FullSized and welcome back!

You kind of left HWS with a drama and you are back with a drama :slight_smile:
But as always we are here to help.

Thanks for the story.

Even though we said couple of times that we are not involved in any faction drama, since that is your job to protect yourself from it, we had some stealing cases like this which were not ok.

3 points are nevertheless important before continuing:

  1. Who are the other guys!?
  2. I would like to hear their story aswell
  3. What is your CV Structure Name?

Then we can hopefully finish this drama faster.


Welcome to Empyrion :grinning:

Now remove their testicles! If you have enough to warp off starter I’ll give you some materials if you would like, or a sled or something. Just ask.

  1. the other guys “Op4” and “Shaden”
  2. I’d like to hear their side of the story to but the only thin i heard from them was Shaden said it was using my ship to go get Op then they left discord and the faction and loged out right after.
  3. The CV name was “Starter-CV” but id be surprised if they hadn’t renamed it or probably even striped it and dismantled it.
    I did spawn it in last night before going to bed and they stole it around 8GMT if that helps any with logs or whatever.

I probably wouldn’t even have mentioned it if not for the fact that they knew they were stealing everything I had and leaving me in space with no way to recover. Not very cool.

thx taco i might have to take you up on that. i have a loaded OCD and would have already been out of system where i could access if if not for this betrayal. I only waited around so I could take them with me.

Might have some mats left in you Auto miner, don’t need much for a simple warp SV

Or I can do one better; can come get you off starter, wouldn’t take very long, just need to spawn up a sled for ya in the factory.

First SV can warp system to system? Didn’t know that :). Second… How can you come get me> I thought you can’t return to starter planets after you leave?

@Op4 and @Shaden? Interesting…

I will see what the logs are telling me and come back here then.

So, 1st off The materials for all the gear was faction…everything, we all put our materials in the pile for that, not just Fullsized. Second, Fullsized was being a prick to Shaden and myself in discord so after a conversation with Shaden we decided to kick Fullsized from the group. Now…a famous quote from Fullsized that can be found here in the forums I’m sure…“he can always use cb:reset”. So Fullsized, the next group you get with, try not being an ass, and see where that gets you.

EDIT: Also, you and I were chasing the noobs while Shaden was farming ore and building. And when we weren’t chasing other players, we were all farming materials. We invited you back to game and have fun, not to steal and not to be verbally abused by you. Rexx knows how abusive you are and you’ve been to “prison” how many times for it? I’ve NEVER seen the prison planet and Rexx knows that. You know you can start fresh and retain your levels and start with new gear, right? Sure you do, you just want some petty revenge…right…sure you do…

Easy, put some warp sleds in bp factory and go off myself, start on starter planet. Then for mats I just use my fa:supply to make fuel packs and off we go.

Funny how you didn’t have the balls to tell me you even had a problem if that was even the case. You just wait till I’m offline and steal my ship. I never claimed that all the stuff was mine and agree that if you wanted to leave the faction you were entitled to your share of the supplies. Instead you wait until I am offline to take the ship and drop faction.

To be perfectly honest I’m not really mad about it but it was a pretty petty thing to do. You could easily have told me you had a problem if that was really the case and taken your share of everything. Instead you took everything “the faction” owned knowing at the very least 1/3 of that was mine. Even though I put 2x the hours into building it up you and Shaden did. And you left the faction. Sounds like you are the one out for some petty revenge.

To be very clear I never asked for you to be put in prison. I only asked for my ship and my supplies back. If you need to be punished for your clear faction griefing thats not up to me nor would I want it to be.

It seems that in the end you are admitting that you stole everything I owned and built. Your defense is only that apparently I deserved it and that it shouldn’t matter b/c I can just reset my character. I submit that this is an admission of guilt and ask Rex to take whatever action he feels appropriate.

LMAO! I didn’t have the balls to tell you? Dude pull your head outta your ass. You don’t remember our last conversation on discord? Let me refresh your memory, I told you to stop being an ass, I’m done with your bullshit, eat a cock…lol. That was me leaving the faction. Rexx can look at the logs, I dropped faction, restarted as freelancer, then after talking to Shaden he convinced me to restart again as lawless and join him. As for your “2X” the effort of building a prefab tier 1 ship, that you’re crying about, how did you put in “2X” the effort when Shaden was farming mats and building, and you and I were cruising in the SV’s defending him? As far as my defense as you put it “Your defense is only that apparently I deserved it and that it shouldn’t matter b/c I can just reset my character.”…how many former faction members have you done this too or driven away? If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you do this to 2shoes? How many servers were we pushed away from because of your bullshit? I didn’t steal anything, even though we are playing as “lawless”, we took what was ours, and left you what you deserve, so yea let Shaden say his piece and let Rexx decide. Rexx and I haven’t always seen eye to eye but I respect every call he’s ever made, even the ones he made with you and 2shoes, (and I defended you both at the time, got shoes unbanned once even). So if you aren’t clear Fullsized, we are done with you.

There is no point getting into a he said she said. If you wrote something snide in faction chat just before you quit to try and justify your actions i wouldn’t know. we were using voice chat on discord. I never had faction chat open. If the logs are reviewed it would also show that we never spoke it faction chat either.

2Shoes and I have continued to play together ever since you and shaden stopped playing after you had a fallout with 2shoes. You might also consider the fact that out of the 8 or so people we all played with on various servers you and shaden are the only ones left in your group. You can blame that on me but you might consider looking a little closer to home. You have a volitile temper which I have alwasy overlooked. You get very upset over tiny things that more often than not you took the wrong way and then you expect the other person to appologize for your hurt feelings when you completely misconstrue what they said or meant. If i was such a problem friend for so long then why did you contact me a few days ago on steam begging me to come back and play with you two? You could have never spoken to me again and I would never have noticed.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you say i said or what I say you said. I can’t prove what was said on voice comms. i can’t prove that the two of you pretended that we were all getting along fine. That you never gave any indication that you had any problem with me whatsoever. That when you left for the night you claimed it was becasue “you had to go beat some kids” which based on your tone didn’t sound like a joke. Or that when shaden left for the night I could clearly hear is wife in the background berating him for playing the game instead of watching “gilmore girls” with her. And that I tried to confort him and tell him everything would be find. That I would finish mining what we needed and get the ship built.

I honestly can’t imagine that you have pushed away almost every single friend you ever had and yet it was always them that was the problem and you dont see a connection. I’m still not mad. If anything I pitty you. I wish you hadn’t been to much of a coward to admitt that you had a problem on comms. We could have resolved whatever you issue was then and there.

If you guys decided that you wanted to quit the faction you were of coarse welcome to take what resources were yours and leave. I would even have given you a ride out of noob space in my cv. Considering the fact that I was waiting for you guys to log back in was the only reason i hadn’t left noob space already it was just a pathetic move to take my CV like that.

Still the fact remains that as you stated before the supplies did belong to the faction. You were under no illusions that you were taking every resource, and every tool that the “faction” owned and the fact that it was in a faction ship and you took it and left the faction. You didn’t kick me from the faction. I created it. You took all the faction assets and left the faction with them. Whatever justification you claim that I “deserved” it is irrelevant. You stole everything far beyond what you owned or had accumulated from the faction and left the faction with them. No matter what your personal problems it doesn’t make it ok to rob a faction blind and then leave it.

In case you wish to continue to make wild accusations I will no longer respond to them. I will simply wait for REX to make whatever decision he feels appropriate and go from there.

Well @Rex. I think we have now heard the other side of it. Op4 had some sort of personal problem with me. He decided that he was justified in robbing the faction of every resource, tool, and weapon and leaving faction with them and a justified punishment for whatever I supposedly did to “deserve” it. So I guess its up to you to decide if him being mad is justification for stealing from the faction. Sorry to drag you into yet more drama :slight_smile:

LOL, he said she said? Thats exactly what this is. I never wrote that in faction chat, I spoke it on discord! I still chat with all the guys we gamed with in FEDS, got no problems with them. Considering that Shaden and I are all thats left is because the other guys dont play Empyrion anymore. And dude I didnt “beg” you back, I invited you back…there is a difference. Dont pretend you know me personally sir, and dont bring my kids into this. I never said anything about beating my kids. Are you really this petty? No, you’re this much of an ass. And why does Shaden need you to “confront” him to make it all ok? Really? I’ve pushed away all my friends? LOL, you dont know me! Wow, I dont need your pitty, and I’m no coward, you know I confronted you in comms, and Shaden heard every word. Again pull your head outta your ass! We left you a base, and your gear…oh and we are playing as lawless…lol we took whats ours and left you behind, get over it. Wild accusations? Like me beating my kids, me pushing away all my friends, you seem to be the one with wild accusations! HA! Dude it seems you’ve driven away all your friends, and got banned from our discord lol. Yup simply wait for Rex, who I assume has bigger fish to fry than dealing with your wild accusations, and in your words

lol. Good luck dude, I dont pitty you, and I wont be responding to anymore of your wild accusations.


YOU are probably the main source of Rexx’s drama lmao!!! All the drama from our old faction back in 4.0 was started by YOU!!! LMAO!!!

@Rexx, Shaden had nothing to do with this other than talking me into restarting as lawless after I quit lawless and restarted as freelance. After I started back as lawless (cb:reset Fullsized…lol), and Shaden and I decided to make our own faction, it was my idea to roll Fullsized and take all the stuff we (me and Shaden) had farmed and worked for. So if there is to be prison or any other punishment, I accept full responsibility. It was my plan and my direction that led us to this Rexx. And, I’m sorry Fullsized is being so petty and dragging you into yet more dramma he’s created!

Yes, and it exactly happened what I thought will happen. There are always two sides of a coin.

Our previous thief problems were different and reasonable.

It is not our job to handle faction dramas. Especially if different parties got insulted, etc.

And btw. I checked the CV… a prefab T1… with loot half of the supply value in it and checked your OCD with hundreds of 700k slots. Like really? :expressionless:

Next time please resolve this between yourselves.