Faction Trading Concerns in the New Season

So it’s early and lots of other things to fix however i just wanted to make a post at this point to draw attention to a part of the game that is really quite fun and seems to have taken a beating in the new season which is the selling of junk loot to NPC faction traders at various stations. This is seperate from the specific commodity trading where you buy low and sell high. It is the looting of poi’s and in turn selling all the junk loot possible at various traders. This is not for everyone however for those that enjoy exploring and hitting pois it is an alternative to simply setting up commodity trade routes. I did this last season and really enjoyed it…however here is the problem i have noticed so far this season.

  1. Every faction seems hostle at start making trade impossible. You can’t sell your loot if your not neutral. This means a huge time sink exploring for faction zones to farm faction and then doing the actual farming. This is not the end of the world but is this intended for so many factions to be hostile at start?

  2. Finding Faction Stations in rgn orbit and planets. Last season you could find enough after a descent time exploring. Now its like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have yet to even see a pirate station.

  3. Bugged Traders. Ok so you put in the time to find pois to loot. Then you put in the time to find faction zones with preds…which seems much more rare this season. Then you put in the time to grind down the faction to neutral or even friendly as i did. Then you manage to find a station with traders…and you run up to trade, click on the trader…and black screen. No trading option…nothing.

    The only option in all the time i have put in so far working on trading prep (and it’s all i’ve worked on) is to go to the racom station in ecc and sell a few items there. It’s really disappointing.

    This is not a game breaking way to make money by any means so there is no need to nerf it. For those of us that enjoy poi looting we need a way to sell our loot. If we put it on the connect market there would be so much crap on there and non of it would sell anyways. we need a way to sell it and make money. The nice thing about Faction Traders is it makes you explore and find stations with traders, then set up a route to get rid of all your trash loot as different stations sold different items and at different prices. So it was a challenge but as you discovered more stations to sell to, your ability to make more money and get rid of more trash at higher prices went up. Would love to see this feature continue.


100% agree the NPC trading was a tediously fun way to make decent income. i have to admit i was a bit disappointed when i finally found a trade station out in the verse only to see it disabled with an empty dialogue box. i understand there was not enough time to implement changes. a lot of us would love to have the junk loot trade trade tables of the past reinstated.

No traders, things being nerfed…where do we go from here?

Flying city should have traders too I believe. It also had they ket Heavy Armor buying trader. There should also be traders at all the other Racoms as well who will buy most things (again, not Heavy armour though). The HQ planets also have 2 crashed Polaris traders as well as some Talon dudes.

In terms of your specific points:

  1. This depends on your origin, but the fastest way to get reputation up is to do the Protoz missions and the daily missions. You can get rep up very fast. Zirax is the only tricky one from the point of view of Protoz, but you can shoot trees/gribblies to get their rep up as well. I’ll try and upload a cheap tank for this at some point. T3/4 tank with shields and guns is what is needed basically
  2. No idea. I believe these were pulled back due to a fortune being made selling bridges, hopefully they will come back
    3). Not sure if this is known issue or not. Keeping a list of the locations might make them easier for admins to fix though?

Quick HWS retcon into T3 tank for protoz missions. Should work. Remember your turrets outrange the pois so keep your distance and you should take no damage. Shield and armour should keep you safe if you misjudge
Bulwark T3 Protoz.epb (7.8 KB)

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