Factory Donator Bug

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: After checking OCD I am missing a SUBSTANTIAL amount resources that were left over in factory. For some reason it only gave me a small fraction of what was in my stored blueprints/factory.
Player(s) with issue: lovepack
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Since server start.
Playfield: NA OCD
Structure Name(s): NA OCD
Structure ID(s): NA OCD
How can we help you now: Find lost resources, plox

Its all there.
What do you think you had?
I compared your OCD and your Player Blueprint resources. All is in there.

Hey Jascha.
Thanks for getting back to me. I cannot attest with certainty to all of the resources with the exception of sathium, which I know for certain I am missing a whole bunch. I only have 10k in my bank(minus the >50K stacks) and that was the 10k that I put in there manually. There is about 160k sathium alone missing. I vaccumed up over 300k Neo from components and finished products(IE 6k T2 Gens, 40k Adv CPU) on the last day to complete 4 separate blue prints and damn close to a 2nd Dump Tower (short on sathium). Luckily since the wipe, my saves think its a new server so I still have EXACTLY what was in my finished blueprint hopper before the server went down on my google drive.

ThePorker Resources https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/910155957953268936/679CD046AF58FE798F90FF2BAD38EA8DB7499FA5/

DropShip3 Resources - https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/910155957953268819/0B2778F474A5AE057C2F60435B71DDF38105CA3E/

Dump Tower Resources - https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/910155957953268672/D37AF0C655B1C96F3A04880C9B2CBC6BFAFBE8D1/

BPproducts from before server goes down https://imgur.com/a/jWxg4

I will be attaching my google sync log for 2200 14Dec17 to 0300 15Dec17. Using the find function for bpproducts\dump tower_2, bpproducts\CV-The-Porker_3__892488873, bpproducts\DropShip3_0, bpproducts\DropShip3_1 (There is a second forward slash for all those but they will only show as one)

It is just not possible to only have a single stack of 10k Sathium. Thank you for your time.

Completed blueprints aren’t saved, only the unused resources.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you used them all to complete blueprints right before the wipe? If so then it’s gone.

They were when I donated for the perk. I also made sure that was the case when I donated for it as I would have NEVER donated for that perk otherwise.

Am I correct that you used the resources to complete those blueprints right before the wipe? (They are in your completed blueprints folder.)

As I said, that perk only saves UNUSED resources. It’s always worked that way.

Yes, I converted them to completed BPs. I bought the perk when it was first available and was told in no uncertain terms it would convert everything. I will look for the quote as I log nearly everything but it was months ago so it may take a while to find.

What twitchy said, it only Puts unused resources in your OCD, completed bps are lost. You would have had to spawn them, recycle them to ensure those resources are not lost. I donated for this perk too don’t think it has changed for a while always been same. Admin may still return these to you but it’s their call

Sorry lovepack, but as the others said: The “keep blueprint resources” does not give you back your completed BP, only the resources in your blueprints. Always been that way.