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So I play on two different computers and every time I log onto my account from the other machine my factory and everything in it is getting deleted along with my resources. I mainly play on my desktop but I will also play from work on my laptop. I found that no matter if I attempt to build something or not when I get home my entire factory is wiped bar some left over resources left from the previous craft. I have not renamed or updated any of my designs during the switch. For example I completed two warp sleds, a HV, and base went to work and played on my laptop making sure not build anything in the factory and low and behold when getting home and logging on everything is gone.

I have a second non-family sharing account that I use as well and I just looked and it appears the simple act of logging into the account from another machine is deleting my factory as the one completed CV I had on my alt account is now gone as well.

This is mentioned in the FAQs.

My blueprint didn’t spawn!?
If you start / finished the blueprint on Computer X and you logout and play Empyrion the next time on Computer Y be aware of the blueprint loss because the blueprints are saved locally for the proper Computer (X in this case).

If you want to use 2 PCs make sure to transfer the data.
Nothing we can do about it.

Yes I read that. The issue is that when I come back to the computer it is gone. Unless that is saying that regardless of my actions the simple act of logging into two machines everything will be deleted? I misunderstood then. I read it as you will not have access to the same factory from one computer to another.

Yes because the game can’t find it. And then it is synced as “error”. No way to retrieve.

Ah thanks, I misunderstood the FAQ, my bad.

I plan on using google drive to sync the folders, you think that would work?

As a global storage sure but the paths to the Cache / Save folder has to be identical on both PCs.

Never tried it though but same path = same name could work.

Let me know if it works then I can enhance the FAQ

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Interesting idea. Following to see how you work out!

No idea why our info is stored locally thou seems kinda strange for a mmo, but yea the logic should be good :smiley: if not you could always just make an alt to play on for work its not too expensive.

I am currently at work and it appears to have worked. So, I was far to lazy to reinstall Empyrion so I made a new partition and crossed my fingers that having the same Google Drive directory would be sufficient. I have my two completed blueprints from my home computer present and accounted for while logged in at work. I used the following tip from a steam user http://steamcommunity.com/app/211820/discussions/0/540733523382589153/. I will update from home to ensure there was no issue on my return.


Nice!!! Thanks for sharing, Love. Thats great!

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Final update - I got home and both initial blueprints are present in addition to the one I made at work as well as a blueprint that I started at work and will finish at home.


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