Factory wipe

I got a little issue that may seem weird but well, i can find no way around it…
Is there a way to wipe your factory clean?

When i started playing i had tendencies to throw everything i had into my factory. That makes it to the point its clogged with a ton of base materials that my factory would take dozens of hours to process to make anything, and i can’t put any ready block into it to speed up the process.

Is there a way to get the resources back somehow (OCD?) and if not - to wipe my factory clean…? especially i somehow have 6 miner cores laying around that are bugging me…


So you want to… throw away materials in order to put in more and cut down the time???
You are right, it is a little wierd.
My suggestion would be to pick one material, say silicon, then make a bp that is heavy on that material. For example a giant pile of glass. Make that until the materials are below your amount needed for the bp you need, and then put the deconstructed windows back in ( or electronics) until you get back to the number, and will have cut of some time.

But you would be better off just starting the thing and letting it process, while you are offline/asleep. OR you can buy the donor package with the do:bp benefit…

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Wait you put AM cores into your factory for materials?!! Did you also throw in epics?
I seriously think you are not understanding some core aspects of this game

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It was on my first day… started playing with a friend that was quite advanced…
Accidently threw in some auto miners… don’t judge…

About the do:bp, what are you suggesting? to prepare on creative a blueprint that is exactly the cost in materials that i got, then instant spawn it, then deconstruct?

Side note - what material is heavy on sathium? :V

anything with combat steel will need lots of sathium and iron.

Not even close enough sathium sadly. Combat steel have a ration of iron to sathium of 11 to 4, while i need to “dump” 60k of sathium while staying within 110k of iron :confused:

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