Failure with HWS EU Server

I’ve been a week with this failure, I’m playing quietly and suddenly says that the connection to the server has been lost. I have more than enough.
There is no solution to the problem?
The text that appears is the following (cannot send to dedicated server any more)
Server: HWS EU
Player: torelli30
Faction: ESH

Thanks and best regards

Hey I had this issue a while back and it seems there is a few causes, mine was with my WiFi card although it was continually connected it was like a drop in the signal happened for a split second causing the issue. I changed from WiFi to wired which solved the issue and since updated my WiFi card and I’ve not had the problem again since. Just something to try :slight_smile:

I am connected by cable to the internet, besides that happens to me only on this server, besides that steam and other applications continue to have internet less the server east. That is why I want to know if there is any solution or I have to put up with it and leave To another site.

thanks for the reply

What country are you from?
Sadly we did not find any real solution yet :frowning:

From Spain

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