Fall into the R09X basement

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I’m inside the cave R09X. Then I went into the room with the slimes one of the walls of that room appeared to be ethereal, so I simply fall trought this section to the basement of the facility. The wall seemed to be solid. That is obviously mustn’t to happens, because this basement looks very odd. Just look at the screenshot.

Player(s) with issue: MSL
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 2:28
Playfield: Freelancer Cryo
Structure Name(s): EGS Cave R09X
Structure ID(s): 9093
How can we help you now: Let me out of here, pls. Teleport somewhere near CV, for example.

Hey @Mikhaleech,

yeah, you are the third now in one month.
We will modify the Cave POIs.

Warped you out for now I think

Thank you!

If it shall helps, here is the place with ethereal wall:

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