Farming Plots

Looking at Hydroponics in RE, would this “feature” be something that could be implemented in a future version of HWS? I’m not sure how many players mass farm or what type of server load a big farm would have but I know a compressed plot would save some finger joints :wink:

Also, is there a server limit on plots or just limited to class size?

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an increase in crop yield will do the same. no need for a larger frame killing device. i would farm again if this were so :wink:

hmm. I wonder if yield could be adjusted per plot type then maybe?
Wood 2/3, Steel 3/3, Concrete 4/3.
Or any other arrangement? :wink:

Class size on a donor planet can built up to class 50 in hws from memory. The hydroponics idea sounds good to reduce performance for sure BUT there needs to be control.

Many of us have ocds stuffed with stuff that lets be honest is OP and will never get used :sweat_smile: having huge farms allows progression in teams as an example to take minutes not hours to prepare due to the sheer quantity we can harvest .

Maybe increasing the yeild like bob said BUT limit the amount of plots allowed on the structure could benefit players,playfields, progression and the server all in one go :slight_smile: