Faster Sales

Hello, i want to purpose a faster sales system. Weekly instead of every 15 days.
Will make a more dynamic market and maybe sometimes we have more occasions to have a lucky deal!

The answer is negative. IMHO

That would boost thing up a little, i like it.

The economy is driven by demand, not conditionally invented difficulties.

The market is run by people setting prices and demand. There is the option already that pulls the prises down, this would just speed things up a bit and you can allways change prises manually.

Lord_of_the_ping, are you in the market at all present/trading? Then you should be aware that it is in the interests of traders to get what they want, and not your interests-to buy all podeshovki (I’m sure it’s not about you). The HWS market, has long represented a unipolar circuit. There are a couple of running goods-necessary oligarchs of this server, this is all that can make a profit)))) the rest of the market, complete clutter, and not interesting as the market at all. With respect to your rich experience.

Im not selling anything at the moment, i could but im taking a break from the game, Played since season 6 and got tired of it. Seen the market and how it works and while some make money from it most of the offers are way too high and i dont mean that i want to buy cheaper. I dont need to buy anything, i got my ocd 7 stacked enough of everything i need. I could sell few million ere or zas at the price of 4cr per piece and still make profit but as i said im taking a break this season and maybe continue playing when eleon fixes the game witch is too broken to have a good gaming experience at the moment. I still worry about the community and as i said some people are over pricing their products and thus they wont sell. The market atleast had a way to bring the price down but i was only making a point to make it a little faster. And as i told before, you still can adjust the prices if you think you are selling too cheap. I have made many millions cr from the market by outbidding others. I even made my self a “cheatsheet” that tells me exactly the price of a “thing” if i just put a raw material (ingot) prices to it. That tells me some items are sold over 10 times the price that are used to make them. I could easily out bid others still.