Feature request: CB:GetShipHere and CB:GoToShip as regular features

While I like the tool, I was very upset to find out certain bugfix features are very limited in ability and unable to work with any other servers. Specifically, the chatbot features to move ships to you (or you to them) for some reason are really restricted (as in, they only work on HWS playfields). It would be really nice to have the following:


Ability to determine how far away (or no limit at all)

A limit to how many times in a day I may use this feature

A limit in regards to where I may use this


A restriction on what I can bring to me

A restriction on how often in a given day I may do this

A restriction on where I can do this

In addition, it would be nice to be able to use chatbot to get a list of IDs for all your ships.