You know what would be AMAZING? If there were a “Run at Restart” option, where I could specify a command to run between “Game Backup is beeing made” and the program starting back up. It would, of course, halt until it recieves an exit error code from the program it called, but it would be really nice if it were as non-specific as possible… For example,

If I want to perform my between-restart maintenance with perl, i would enter

perl ./offline_maint_script.pl

, or if I wanted to just run a batch file, I would enter


or, if I wanted to hand it off to an exe, I’d enter


etc, etc.

This feature would be the cherry on top an already pretty damn good sundae…

Sounds nice :slight_smile:
Will implement it with Parameter 2 for all jobs that do a restart… just have to do the documentation one day some someone in this world still understands what we build.
One day, I guess after the server-client stuff I will rebuild the whole timetable thingy to make it much more flexible and understandable. Sorry that you guys have to deal with it ;).

Change will come wiht next update… I guess this week


Man, You’ve made my day :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

Can it also have an option to run before or after the restart event? like have it run either just before or just after the actual wipe, etc