Feature- Space station Docking

Hey there Survivalists!

Alright I have a feature that worked upon 6.0 Experimental, but sadly the feature was patched and this is currently me sharing this discovery with you all, and employing the helpful minds of builders and testers alike!

What happened was from a space base you would extend maybe 5-12 blocks out with armored windows, and put a door at the end of it. From this extension a CV would open its hanger door and “dock”. The result was about half a block of overlap within the cv and base to create a pressurized area that protected you from space and letting you freely walk in between the CV and Base, it was awesome.

Theeeennnn it got removed in 6.0 launch.

My challenged for the community is to find out other loopholes in this “docking” idea, we all could use it, especially those who lack armor boosts. The only loop around this i’ve found was building off of the base into the cv hangar but if anyone got into the cv pilot seat, the ship bugged and had a heart attack.

Best of luck to you all survivalists.

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