Feedback about Auto Miner

After over one month of usage - what you think of the Auto Miner?

  • Awesome - keep it exactly that way!
  • Damn good - but maybe make the upgrade prize higher?
  • Damn good - but maybe make the upgrade prize lower?
  • Very cool feature - but gimme moooaaar Ores per hour!
  • Good job - but I don’t have enough pentaxit for all of them
  • Boring - who is mining anymore?
  • Yawn - see you in 3 weeks then I am rich!
  • What the fuck is an auto miner?
  • Other opinion - leave a comment please!

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Hey guys,

for the very big HWS 3.0 launch we are reviewing the auto miner.
Maybe you have a second for a feedback?

Overall we think it is very very successful. Over 90% of the players using it and enjoying it.
The gold auto miner is also a big help for new player to overcome the 10% fee for the marketplace. Otherwise they could never trade.

Just let us know what you think.

I think that the gold autominer is a good thing for giving players a little starting gold. On the long term I don’t know in what way autominers will influence the market. One potentional scenario could be a increasing inflation of money. Basically everybody focuses the gold miners as we know and it’s not really balanced with the pentaxid cost. Players could make millions at no cost within a short time. I see autominers take away the necessity to explore the universe for resources like Z and E or also Neo and Sath. In a certain way autominers are a conflict with the great story line we all wanna see go on.

Players don’t need to make use of the market in order to get money because they can simply get it from their gold miners. This is especially true for high lvl autominers. Before the introduction of auto miners, 100k was a lot of money. Now it can be made in 1 day in exchange for 10 pentaxid. I am trying to say, maybe the numbers on autominers are too hight. It cant be real that a lvl 10 gold autominer pays off in only 1 day (150/h * 24 * 50 = 180.000 cr). Also Z and E autominers give enough resources for a whole lifetime even on lvl 1.

I would suggest to shorten the numbers/h on autominers by a lot while still keeping the present upgrade cost. Maybe the gold AM should be restricted to a lvl 1 only in order to emphasize the market more?

I’m one of the 10% that doesn’t use auto-miner. I really don’t have anything against people using it, but I personally prefer the challenge of not using it.

On a side note, I’d prefer to see Eleon implement the marketplace as location based, e.g., as a block, rather than universally available.

i can only write the same as 4nyTime. The Gold Am is just to much. For me the AM was for a long time just a save place to have some resources for bad times… now with lvl 10 Gold it just mag me think… why i am hunting resouces when i get them so easy from the AM. (But hunting for Resources is the Main reason for playing PVP? isnt it?) I would also like to see the Gold AM at maximum lvl 1! (so everybody has some gold to play with… but not to much to make the rest of the game sensless)…

For the ER and ZA AM i am not sure… there i still see the DEVS responsible to make them more needed… (but ok atm the AMs for Er and ZA could bring 1 instead of 10 ore per hour)…

Best Regards Prakti

I voted for keeping it as it is.

Its an excellent feature I think is balanced nicely. Fantastic work on it mate.

I’m sorta like with 4nytime & Prakti on the matter.
Personally i don’t bother or don’t focus at all on the feature, i’m more a hands on kinda guy. I like to earn my money and resources.
People getting rich on their couches has never appealed to me, especially if all what they do is hogging this increasing number and never even buy with it.
Greedy sods …, but to each their own, i do realise. My pleasure isn’t anyone elses pleasure. That’s how it is and always was.
And it is not my place to say another doesn’t have the right to persuit their passion.
On the other hand i always choose the most honest or honorable way.

Very glad to get reactions on this! Because it is a feature no one else has we want to make it as good as possible.

I don’t play this game normally anymore but I can imagine that either the inflation or the difficulty in a survival game comes too short in the long run. We think Gold is generally handled too unconsidered.
That is the reason why you can either buy ships with Credits or buy more special stuff later with it… :wink:

Anyways in 6 days the poll ends and let’s see how the discussion goes till then. We will take care of it then.
Thanks again.


I agree with what others have posted about gold especially. It is too much gold, once you get your AM up to 10 you really have no reason to do anything else to get gold.

There does need to be a way for new players to get gold though.

If we could limit the rare ores, Za and Er, that would make them valuable and give reason for people to explore. Sathium and Neo are really super common already since they are always on moons, so I don’t really consider those rare, just require leaving start planet to obtain.

The BEST thing we could do is make the marketplace location-based, which would force the players to have to come together. That would also prevent us from being able to instantly send resources to faction members for 1 CR. Maybe still have the server-wide market but be limited to like 1 item at a time.

I think 4nytime makes some very good points, lowering the amount per hour of rare ores and greatly reducing the amount of gold per hour, lowering the maximum one can receive (and essentially capping the gold AM at a lower level) makes sense to me. One day seems too short for a return on investment on a gold AM and after a day or two, new players have a huge amount of the rare ores, relative to their level and use of those ores. Also, since so many people prioritize the gold AM, new players are mostly priced out of the market because of inflation. Finally, since Blue Crystal is one of the only essentials you can’t get from the AM, I think the price is often unreasonably high, again pricing out newer players, especially considering the distances between orbits on the server.

I totally disagree with Bigfeet; in a science fiction setting like this I think it’s absurd not to have some sort of automated mining system. We have warp drives but can’t build a drone that digs up ore for me? To me, the AM feels like the perfect kind of ‘teching up.’ First, we have a drill where we have to manually pick up ore, then a cool plasma drill that sucks up ore as we dig it out and finally we slowly invest in an automated mining system. It shouldn’t completely replace manual mining, at least not at first, but I’m imagining EVE online type corporations buying and selling small fleets and again, it just seems silly to me not to allow these players to ‘tech up’ out of standing in front of meteorites all the time.

All that said, with more uses for credits, like buying ships (holy shazbot I love that this server has that) we will have less inflation. So as more people buy and sell ships and you guys add more things to spend credits on, we might see that the gold AM needs to be toned down a bit but not too much. I’d love to see a situation where we have some players creating dozens of ships and other players buying them up rapidly for large scale PvP engagements, adding another layer of organic depth to one of my favorite things about this server, the faction system.

Different people have different visions of what this game should be, but I think this server has picked a great direction to go in, focusing on player interaction. Not that lone wolves shouldn’t be able to exist but personally, I want to be able to upgrade out of doing basic survival activities all the time. Just like the grow plots allow us to set up a replenishing source of food and other supplies, the AM, the ship market and hopefully other features will allow us to experience growing from escape pod to self-sustained fleet.

Quick note; sorry, I misread the word “prize” as price, so I voted for the opposite of what I wanted; increased per hour gain instead of decreased. If it’s possible for a moderator to change that or remove my vote so I can re-vote, I’d really appreciate it. Otherwise, just, you know, ignore that vote for higher prize.

P.S. I think Rexxxus makes an excellent point we shouldn’t forget. Since there’s a 10% fee to put something on the market, the only way to start trading (without a gold AM) is to either pick up credit cards, find an elusive source of gold or fill someone’s request on the market. This can be prohibitive to new players entering the market at all.

P.P.S. I just had a random thought; what about an upkeep cost for the AM? Like, x credits per hour per upgrade, so players would be using the gold AM to offset the upkeep of the others. It also logically makes sense to me and could help the AM feel more like a developed game mechanic.

Very good Auto Miner! Thx RexXxuS.
But i think it’s good if remove Auto Miner - Gold, Zasco, Erest. Because you never need go in pvp zone, and it’s breaks the fly on the planet

Would be nice to see specialty items back from eb market, like epic weapons, etc. Ship trading is good, but sadly, i haven’t done much with it yet.

Dont suppose there’s a way to modify say, the h2o generator so that you have physical autominers, that you have to place, and feed pentaxit to, and then withdraw the ores?

As far as price and volume, the current amounts are actually adequate, but i like the earlier mentioned suggestion of a credit cost for upkeep. How about a credit fee based on how much you take out?

I’d be ok with auto-mining if implemented as you suggest. Currently, I don’t see Traders as have much reason for existing. If auto-mining and the marketplace became more location based, then there’d be a need for people to move resources…which would also provide a livelier environment for Pirates…etc.

I agree with what other people have said. Auto miners are a great idea but not all resources should be earn’t at the same rate. Gold should be lowered and others should be tweak according to there value and rarity also I think removing Erestrum and Zacosium from the Auto miners to force people to go find those resources. As its stands think there a great idea but they do take a lot of the fun out of the game they should be there to help players but not give them everything.

Static is currently testing a theory, too see if we can fully support our fleet with what we get from auto miners alone, last night we spammed the poor server with aito miner upgrades, as we collectively spent nearly 10million credits, lol

We will be trying to maintain fuel, 1 cv and 12 sv’s plus ammo per week without using any of our reserve resources.

As for trader balances, i think their best benefit is going to be in the dealing of rare equipment. Maybe as a suggested feature for traders is exclusive ability to purchase epic gear. Maybe even something like special trading rights directly with the xenu, to explain the lore and stay with the storyline.

i feel that AM is killing the game u should have to work for what u need and AM u not need to do anything to get what u need. im a trading faction and its AM is hurting use. we dont use use AM

Thank you all for your feedback!

It reflected our feelings and statistics on it.

So surprise - in four hours we release not only the HWS Story 2.0, also the Auto Miner 2.0 :wink:

More information coming then

First post and only a couple of days in the game but I managed to form an opinion!!

Autominer seems like a sticky plaster to a really big gaping hole in the game which I am sure the devs are looking at. How do you balance resource regrowth and with the complexities of managing server resources in a multi-player with an engine like this it is going to be very very complicated. The meteors is a nice touch but it leaves too much to RNG. I spent 5 hours just trying to get silicon on Mars to complete my SV. When I first looked at HWS I thought auto-miner was some form of building or structure you had to build to mine resources from the planets or asteroids. In reality it is just a mechanic to paint over the resource re-growth problem. As implemented I think it works okay, it won’t balance properly as the game develops but hopefully the DEVS will address resource regrowth such that AM isnt required.

removing Erestrum and Zacosium from the Auto miner was a bad idea what about the lone players who not in a big faction they would loose everything when they get attacked when go to try get them special ores and will leave server now it was ok for big factions they all get the special ores and have back up so no compensation for us little groups/single players …so i guess this server now is only for group players and not for solo players no more i know the players decreasing here but removing that was bad why couldn’t you propose a faction could only have 1 person on auto miner for the ores would of been better…

Thanks for your feedback wizzy - a bit late but ok.
A multiplayer game is in general more addressed to a group of player - there is a singleplayer for your need :wink:

Anyways if you have a CV and Pentaxit on you, you can easily fly to the dedicated resource planets and farm there without being attacked all the time. There are enough planets with these rare ressources.
Also as mentioned it is a preparation for the big new HWS 3.0 universe soon. There it will be a lot better anyways.

Suggestion: even with orbital cargo drone coming, it would be nice to have a two part upgrade system to the auto miner; the resource acquisition rate, as well as a seperate resource capacity. Each that can be upgraded seperately. This could help with the current saturation of gold coins and credits, without hurting those that aren’t “jiroh-rich”. They just have to withdraw their resources more often.