[Feedback] Latest BA turret range adjustments

Flaks were nerfed because of whining and whinging about their use as sniper turrets.

Ranges were changed. Now guided rocket turrets and plasma turrets are the best range, which means the new sniper turrets are high damage and high RoF, which the flaks never were.

We are still using the towers to attack unmanned bases, and this change makes it even easier.

We’ve been enjoying the base turret meta, even though it’s a bit trolly slugging it out with tower bases and having people recycle/destroy bases when they start losing, preventing victors from getting spoils.

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You successfully killed off anybody wanting to live in PvP with base turret sniping.


That’s feedback for staff, not for us Taco.

Our dog ate your dog.

I fully agree with you. We have been vicious and luckily we have been effective.

I wouldn’t call it effective, I would call it something akin to lack of skill.

“We have 5 guys manning the flak turrets! Totally buff now!”

Pfft. It’s a crap tactic.

So you been on the forums for a whole 20 days now and claiming viscous and effective, by using base turrets? Doesn’t that just scream “I can’t fight any other way?” You seen me drop a lot of towers and come at you with 5 ppl using arty just because it’s the safest way to get a cheap win?

You can claim a moral victory, but I am not going to fight with one arm tied behind my back to appease some moral code that says you should only attack with vehicles. Bases are way more powerful then other assets AND can be used to attack, and I would be a fool to pretend otherwise.

As for my time in game, you can judge me for it. I tend to go hot and heavy in games till I burn out and move on, so I’ve heard this argument before. It’s okay, I’m not an old salt on empyrion or on HWS. I am an old salt on PvP though. …I’m also a massive sucker for the riddles and codehunting on HWS.

Your statement just reinforces what I have already posted; bases should be used as such, for safety, shelter and defense. There is no moral victory here, no cheap victory if your thrilled to live in PvP and don’t find any action. Unlike you, I have seen what that leads to; empty PvP planets and a lot of people waiting for the next season because of some game breaking “feature”. You like PvP, and you will get bored of it really quick when you realize everybody is staying in PvE because of actions like this.

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I think BA must have the same chances to attack and defence. So from pre-alpha we all suffered from sniping turrets. It is not honest and can kill every BA defence. Now if you want attack enemy BA with you BA you need to risk. You need put the BA into the enemy BA turrets range and it is some challenge. It more honest for defenders and for attackers. And you still have some advantage from manual fire. You can chose and hit valuable targets. And last config changes fix it a little! And now you can use more variable tactics to attack the enemy BA.

But without defenders…BA still a easy target if you use BA for attack.