[Feedback] Mounted miniguns too weak

Given that the miniguns were kind of stupid in pvp, the PVE aspect of the miniguns was more or less fine, enjoyable gamplay. Of all the changes, the oddest is that the miniguns seem to do WAY less damage and I dont remember seeing any notes about damage reduction (although weapon changes have been all over the gamut)

Of several feedback posts I put in, I am least certain about this one… but I dont do poi’s a lot because I’m so heavy into pvp and golden globe.

I’d like to hear from players who frequent POI’s more regularly.

This might make some interesting reading and of course; the HWS Config Guide

Discussion about the Config will be hold on one place in the future for now (to reduce duplicate stuff everywhere)

Regarding Gatling check back in 30 minutes after the restart:

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