Feedback on Missions

Just wanted to share some feedback on the missions (the ones I tried so far):

1- Space Race: This is still the same, I think it’s a great mission, just need more drones / threat such that 7 minutes becomes hard to do with needing to clear drones / maneuver around them. Given it’s a one time mission though, maybe keeping it easy is fine

2- Alien Runner: The concept behind this is cool. Short time, Track, Kill aliens as fast as you can and collect loot on the way. One thing though, there’s a shortcut that enables me to ignore aliens and yet get loot. In under 60 seconds I can get out with 4 Epics. Not sure if this is intentional, if it is, great I found the shortcut :slight_smile:

3- Alien Cradle: I guess maybe I just need to figure this one out, but I can’t seem to destroy anything with c4/guns and the doors to building are closed. The option I though of is to spawn an sv, but the place we spawn in makes it hard to do so since it’s small and has a turret pointing to it. By the time I spawn a SV and fuel it / fill it with ammo I take so much damage. Again maybe i’m missing something obvious here :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your hard work HWS team!

Yes, as stated in the announcement. Sadly I hadn’t time for this also. I will make it awesome for the next season. Not too difficult since it is meant for the starters but at least optional difficult and that the first one gets better loot

Yeah, too easy too especially because of the Jetpack… nobody recognize to cool trick that gravity generators are triggered along the way so you get switched in directions all the time… have to see

The Doors are damageable. But I will make them 0000 for the beginning.

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you Rex. so weird i put so much explosives on that door enough to blow up the whole planet haha. Maybe it was just glitched or something gonna try it tomorrow. As always super great work on these I can’t imagine how much time it takes. One last thing, Alien Asylum was one of the coolest missions, any reason you removed, or is it still there I just haven’t found it?

It is still there. In one of the hottest orbits out there…