Feedback on origin

Yeah I saw that already :frowning: I will need to change my projects now :frowning: there will be more space for thrusters :stuck_out_tongue: tunnel is working only for gatlinguns properly… other weapons require some space depending on the manouverability of the SV.

I guess I will have to buy such mouse… it helps in other games aswell.

Regarding ammo boxes… yeah I always calculate needed ammo boxes for 5-10 of constant firing.

Openly discussing, actually providing a guide to using macro exploits.

For shame !!


Heh, its fine :stuck_out_tongue: Lots of people already use macro’s everyone should be free to use them, doesn’t mean it’s godlike for pvp and auto win button thou :wink:, unless you program in evasive maneuvers :slight_smile: but then you would have to be king at coding in the first place.

Macros work perfect if your SV is agile enough to harass your foe, and of course has enough blocks not too shitty placed xd to protect your guns.

Its a difference to have a salvo of x5 dps of your opponents salvo. Of course only if you hit, what you will certainly achieve with point blank fire :slight_smile:

Minigun can be dropped in the macro chain.