Feedback on origin

In the HWS universe there are 5 different so called “origins” you can choose from when starting to play here. As they are not very well described i have choosen the wrong one. To protect you from doing the same i provide that following description to you.

  • guardians, thats what i have choosen, some kind of “cop” here. A guardian is able to collect the -very important- so called “reputation points” RP very fast. You just need an epic assault rifle and a stack of 77 mining cores in your inventory and gain +5 RP per day… even if you are not online. Thats good ! The start is as always not easy, but you can get the initial mining cores and assault rifle by POI Raids and/or trade, check your PDA. Guardians gain another RP for just warping once per day. A good start in that respect would be : Warp off the starter planet, when you have received +1 RP from that the next day you get your supply pack with fa:supply and have your epic weapon, some mining cores and stuff to start business. You can get more RP by killing pirates. Unfortunately you lose -10RP and become guilty when you kill another guardian or trader. So not a good origin for evil Kill-on-sight-everyone murderers.

  • traders, thats also not perfect if you just plan to slaughter everybody on HWS everywhere as traders also get -10 RP for killing another trader or guardian AND become guilty (guilty is not good, as your position is revealed to bounty hunters). On the other hand, for PVE players trader is a fine origin. You can get one RP for having no structures in PVP, another RP for visiting ECC (both once per day) plus 5 RP per day if you sold something to a non-trader in the black market (very easy just sell a stack of resources for 1 credit)

  • pirate, normally everyone would say pirate is perfect for a PVP player. It is, up to some degree. You get one RP per day for living In PVP. Is not as easy as you become taxed there. You can avoid that by steathing your ships, but that costs you more than the shitty one RP to live in PVP space. You get +3 RP per day for having an epic minigun and a stack of 999 gold bars in your inventory. Thats good, as it generates a passive income also if you are logged out. You get another +1 RP for becoming guilty, but thats really not a good exchange. You can get further RP for killing players. Most positive about pirate origin is the +3 passive income and to kill everybody without penalty

  • the freelancer, in my opinion the “best” origin as you also have no penalty for killing players. You get +5 RP for warping once per day. Thats rather a nice RP income, you have to play active, no automatic offline income. But if you are offline most of the time you do not need to play Empyrion on HWS at all :smiley:

  • the hunter, in my opinion the worst and the most difficult of all origin. You get +1 RP for becoming guilty, its the same as for pirates : a really shitty exchange. You get +3 RP for each player kill up to 10 per day… thats not easy, as you have to locate players in PVP and very often they simply log out if the tides turn against them. Not recommendable

Hmmm. Weren’t you the one recommending people combat log?

Also, the origins are described perfectly. You just didn’t read.

Please do not use “Guide” in your title if it’s not a guide at all.
It is your personal feedback / opinion on origins which is lacking stuff here and there too. This is very misleading for “noobs”

For example

You have to be online for every RP gain.

That is total wrong and again lacking of so much more information. You get taxed in playfields only if there are more than 200 structures. PvE or PvP. Not everywhere though.

In a guide you should mention that the credit reward for a guilty kill is cumulative so one player would get at the moment couple of XX millions credits for one guilty kill since he has so many already.
They are meant to be difficult.

Also for a guide the whole very good balanced fa supply packages are missing which would reflect “bad exchanges” or not.

So yeah, I changed your topic title.

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Meh yea i’m not going to be guardian in 7.0 either I get shot by bases that don’t even show a name tag cant get close enough to see either without dying. Unfortunately without a buff to detection range pvp as guardian or trader is just not worth it.

But overall too much salt on your post bro.

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Thanks Rex, i will check if i gain RP offline or not. Not sure, as i am online more or less every day. But i will test this.

I also have to check your statement, that PVP space playfields are not taxed if they are below 200 cores. Could be the case, but i will test.

Till then i will avoid to be at 9am anywhere else but in peacekeepers or stealthed hehe :smiley:

Unfortunately not only the credit reward for killing players is cumulative but also the payment neccessary to become unguilty (in credits and RP) its simply not worth becoming guilty for nobody (yes, this is a personal feedback)

Fully agree, i can not see which origin someone else is, additionally it is always good on HWS to shoot first and ask the questions later. If nothing changes about origins in HWS7 everyone not playing freelancer is just stupid. And yes, this is absolutely a personal feedback :slight_smile:

And yes, my posts are always salty hehe… but true in the core.

I think origin in current state are not clearly distinguished between each other.

So taking into account that bounty hunters are somehow too difficult to get RP(and to be honest whole their concept is the only one function) I do suggest to consider the merging of bounty hunters and guardians into only guardian origin(also pls consider feature of revealing guilty people coordinates as a command that just drains guardian’s RP). Guardians suppose to keep the law. Let them do their job, please.
So whoever can be guilty, but only guardians can bring justice.

Also cannot get the idea behind RP gain for 77 auto miner cores for guardians. Can you please elaborate?

Also traders can easily “expoit” RP gain with unfair deals, i.e selling stack of resources to your friend for 1 credit as was mentioned above. So I also suggest to merge traders and freelancers into freelancers and reduce the RP gain per warp or rework it somehow. Probably there should be some correlation between number of jumps and RP gain with some maximum, i.e 1 RP for 2 jumps with 5 RP max, so you need to jump 10 times to get 5 RP or something like that. But I am not sure is it technically possible at the moment.

I like the idea of Deadmoroz. Guardians should be something like the British navy in the carrebean. You could also bring back your “vessel size +1” idea for Guardians.

Like in ancient time, stronger warships than the pirates who did need to find workarounds as frontal one on one clash exchanging broadsides did not work against a ship-of-the-line :-)).

This would be a nice compensation for the penalty, that Guardians are not allowed to kill everybody.

This is pretty interesting concept, only problem is what happens when a trader goes rouge and the guardian has to go kill that trader, then they would be getting punished for doing their job, its a bit of a clash atm.

Freelancers get 5RP / day for one warp. Not 5 RP for every warp.

good question.
It would be cool to have guardian names displayed blue, pirate names displayed red and freelancer(traders) - grey. and keep displaying allies names green. so trader cannot accidentally think that guardian is a pirate.

just curious where did you find 5 RP per warp? Remember my hallucinations can be different from yours :smile:

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You wrote it in the quoted part.

I wrote “+5 RP for warping per day” what should be correct. The rest is still under evaluation. Means that everyone not playing freelancer origin is just stupid. Very easy way to produce RP plus total freedom to attack whomever you want.

It’s not necessarily stupid, freelancer is just the easiest to get the minimal amount per day other factions have more you can make per day but its takes more work.

Ok Rex were right, you only get your RP if you log into HWS at least once per day. But this just lays even more stress into my statement “Play freelancer or you are a fool”.

Thats not correct. Freelancers get +5 without efforts Hunters will never find enough targets to kill to beat that. Pirates, in general, earn just +4 (3 for the gold, one for living in PVP). Guardians, in general, earn +6 (5 for core stack, 1 for warping), Traders earn, mostly, +7 (5 for sales, 1 for ECC visit, 1 for living in PVE).
So just traders and guardians earn more than freelancers, but the -10 RP/guilty malus kills that little advantage

You a bit later with that mate :stuck_out_tongue: Freelancer is prob going to be similar to what it is now, alliance gets trader + guardian and lawless gets pirate + hunter. Do you think freelancer is op now :smiley:

Depends on the final decision of Rex. He did often change his mind due to community input recently.

True, nothing is ever cemented, although a lot of people loved the idea and supported it.

Good work DarkMiracle. I wish you could post that earlier :stuck_out_tongue: It was hard for me to decide which origin will be good for me one month ago when I joined this server. My friends had this problem too. Please create something similiar in 7.0 season :stuck_out_tongue: It will help a lot for new players :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot, beautiful lady :relaxed:

I hate it, when some veterans build up some “secret knowledge”. If i ask a question i expect an answer and no “try out yourself and you will see” from all these would-be-youTube-masterminds :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update to your other question concerning the perfect SV setup :slight_smile:

  • building behind other blocks is no longer possible, the guns will not shoot
  • you need to leave at least one block free from the gun to the SV front,
  • a “tunnel” is possible, means to build the guns deep inside the SV, but this only works when firing stationary, when you need to fire while strafing the guns have to have their front block one block in front of your SV front
  • if you dont use macros a SV with 4x guided missiles and 60+ accelleration in all 6 directions is best
  • if you use macros, e.g. with Razer Naga Mouse, leave out the miniguns and only take the other 5 weapon groups. In addition to the fire macro, named mine “fighter overkill”, you need a second weapon reload macro with 4,5seconds reload time for each weapon. While reloading just fly around a little while and attack a :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: again after. Rockets have to reload very often, make sure to bring a lot of ammo, your SV needs 6 ammo boxes, better 10.
  • If you use macros a size 4+ monster SV is best, but make sure that it still has at least 35 accelleration in all directions, better 40 or more. In this case chase and harrass your prey, if he tries the usual run & evade coward tactics just stay cool and shoot your next macro salvo in the right moment
  • you can even tease size3 CV with that monster SV and get off alive after hehe :slight_smile:
  • an example of this build you can check on my Imperial Star Destroyer on HWS EU, Peacekeepers West, directly beside the black market.

This is my personal punishment for Rex for refusing to limit SV/HV to size 1 as suggested by me.

If he still refuses that in HWS7 i will post a manual for the perfect monster size 4+ griefer HV muhahaha

And my size49 death star is still curious to be spawned if these “no limits is best” guys win in the end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha I have such a ship aswell :stuck_out_tongue: It’s amazing how nice a ship can look at that class size thou, one day :smiley: