[Feedback] POI turrets were better before the weapon changes

Just my two cents, but I preferred the POI turrets with their vanilla configurations. Such that it just required intelligence not brawn to defeat them and failure wasn’t too punishing or unreasonable.

Would like to hear if anyone else has just generally come to avoid poi’s with turrets like I have.

You mean the homing missles for the Green and Red ION Cannons are too strong?

That was the reason why we changed it though. You could take out any POI before with closed eyes and boring left <> right shifts of your ship. No challenge at all.

Oh and remember that we announced that HWS 7.X is “The revenge of the Aliens” :wink:

See the end:

But we can nerf the homing curve maybe.
Feedback appreciated indeed.

It’s true that it was super easy, but sometimes it’s nice having a lighter experience. other then depot missions, we generally considered POIs not worth the effort before the changes as an end game faction for your server. They were just for fun, and thats understandable, because if POI’s were to be truly lucrative, people would always cheese them, and there are many ways to cheese in this game.

I was really hoping to hear some other players chime in on these subjects. :upside_down_face:

The green and red ones seem okay. Unfortunately, the rocket and plasma POI turrets seem RIDICULOUSLY strong, and I think they have flak too. A single plasma hit a harvester wrong and one-shotted the cockpit. The ONLY solution is a massive PVP build, or playing peekaboo games.

Basically, the alien pyramid POIs on Magma are nearly impossible. Not worth any effort.

They do a huge amount of damage now - means you cant just fly idly by but have to plot your route while scouting out the planet. Much better imo.

Some of the POI bases are using the player versions, I think. I can sit there and take a bunch of red/green hits and not hurt too much, but any (HWS?) POI with player turrets punches WAY harder.

This is intentional and only recommended for hardcore POI raider. There are enough easy ones out there.
But the hardcore ones gives you special loot. High risk. High reward.

yeah player turrets on POI are another topic. specifically talking about just the alien ones.