Few points HWS need to fix

First of all I like to state this is a ongoing problem and see that ppl are not happy with this.

  1. PVP stands for Player vs Player, PVE stands for Player vs Environment.

When I joined HWS I was under the impression that you have a PVE places, this is to help you get started, get your autominers on the go and get your resources filed. build a CV and a SV and start your new life on a PVP planet.

Well needless to say, that is what I thought. players like XOX and Radioactive squirrel, thy spot your base and wait for you to logoff and then thy raid your base.

This is not raiding this is stealing, why do ppl wait for you to log off and then raid your base, are thy to chicken to face you, this is not PVP!!!

If ppl hang around your base waiting for you to logoff so that thy can raid you, HWS is going to start loosing a lot of ppl. I will for sure take this up with the developers. you have the right to defend your base.

I will stop all donations and will not play on HWS until this has been resolved.

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Be sure to take this to developers as thats their problem. Currently there is not much HWS can do about it. Yes there is Offline Protection which so far never worked as intended and its abused.

This is a big problem in multiplayer and there are many threads about this, noone was able to come out with some solution.

  1. OP on - if raiders will want to raid someone he will just log off, plus some more specialists like SWP will build their half offline bases and ppl will complain and threaten with leaving server.
  2. OP off - Ppl like you and everyone normal who wants to have base protected when hes offline but wont log off when hes under attack will complain and threaten to leave server.

Personaly i think that its better to have at least half working OP on, let offline raiders cry, its better ppl have some even bad option to protect stuff. And now many posts about combat logging will follow…

I think good thing would be some chicken raiders laderboard so when we kill them we know we should piss over their dead body. Its a problem of players, problem with humans, some are able to play fair and some thinks that there are 50 slaves who build something for offline raiders to destroy when owner goes off so they can have their twisted fun. I call them the brave ones.

If you will search a bit you can found a guy who is literaly proud that he managed to conquer base in 5 hours while he died 80 times. And thats why i think its better to have OP on. Server can loose population but by my opinion is better to loose these brave warriors then ppl who understands why offline raiding is so lame.

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Solution for all problem, whole world pvp, the nature will do its work! its after all an survival game, its not like in pve you are getting goosebumps of getting attacked, since we dont have any pve npc raiding party flying around, pvp is the only way, i would recommend as in rust they have this helicopter flying around attacking bases if there is people online in it.

Thran its all about one thing. You you spend your time building something you should be able to defend it. If its lost when you are not online its simply unfair, you dont have a chance to have influence on final result, you simply loose what you build, you loose your time and you go away as there is no reason to build when you are online and loose it when you are offline, no fun.

I belive Ark had this problem, you spend hours building base and caring of dinosaurus and then you go to sleep, when you wake up there is nothing left so you can begin again, noone will find this funny.

If there is a way how to at least preserve base so you come back into empty base it would be a bit better. But with removal of core structure is removed and you can start all over again.

I always thought that maybe there should be bases on PvE, HQs, and ppl should go to PvP to capture planets while other side will try to capture planets for themselfs. Noone will loose all and ppl will have interest in capturing planets for various bonuses.
If their base will be captured it wont disapper and they will have option to recapture it.

Simply, noone or very few find loosing all they did previous day fun. I know its fun for you to find and rob someones base, but it should be fun or at least fair for both sides, if someone complain that he lost in battle its his problem, but here stuff is not lost in battle and thats serious problem.

I agree with you with had the same problem. This is why we are waiting for OP to be activated again.

You know i just played wanted to build something quickly. Just trying to place block was so frustrating and anoying that i quickly turned game off again.

And its same with this OP problem, as side i would say Thranirs side has also right that OP turned on is a problem, its realy bad when you are inside someones base and he just logs off. Now with grief distance i can imagine its even bigger problem.

So just turning OP on will come at terrible price. My biggest problem is with devs, its like they intentionaly trying to make game as anoying as game can be while hundrets of ppl make very good suggestions about changing stuff here and there. But when i saw how hard is to place thin block on side of cocpit right now…i dont belive they will do something with OP soon.

I think most of all this is about training our patience :smiley:

Hey Ryan,
thanks for posting. you could have rage quit, but you were decent enough to post feedback.

I’ve played on other servers and they all have the same problem.

Let me tell you a few things that makes HWS better:

  1. Peacekeeper Sectors - This is your PvE haven. 100% pve all the time. 5 space and 4 planets.
  2. North and South Toll Planets. PVE mon-friday and PVP on the weekend. (space is always pvp) I call them the weekend warrior planets.
  3. OCD. You get 7 free slots when you start. You can put your ingots etc in starting on day one.

I did notice that you are on Earth. You can start PvE on Mars (Breathable), Phobos(Breathable) or Deimos.

Whole world PvP = leave 80% online. n1 idea.

Thanx Statler. I will for sure do that.

I did not mean to rage. I was this very unhappy that ppl can be so mean to wait for you to go offline. To think Radioactive Squirrel had 163 Deaths, that is how egger he was to get my base.

But anyway, I think I am going to join a faction, support them, if crap hits the fan I want be the only one.

We all know this is still a alpha release and still needs a lot of work, we cant expect everything to work 100%.

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I must say thran is right, i was on a full pvp server before hws and it was always full and more fun/survival, and we didn’t have all the awesome tools from HWS, only the factory to hide some stuffs.

So i can imagine with all the tools we got here, how awesome it could be to be in full pvp. As i have already say on other post, the rule must apply to everyone or none. At least when you suffered a raid, you know you can get your revenge.

Right now, lawless can raid you and hide in pve, that’s nonsense to me.

I’m 99% sure the server will get more ppl if it was full pvp than what it is now, with less lag due to overcrowed PVE playfields, and less dramas for sure.

We running HWS almost since seven months now… with up and downs. With PvE and PvP. We have learned a lot.
The server where jascha and me met each other was full PvP and a lot of fun, true. It was 2015 (pre alpha but with less problems than now x| ).
Anyways bringing statistics in here mean that a lot of people like to just build because of blocks = minecraft and minecraft = buuuuilding and building and… ehm yeah. So as I said: 4.0 will be back to the roots for sure but not 100% full PvP.
We have OCD, AM, EB and more but the fact that spending time on something, logging out, coming back and it is completely gone is just one thing: not cool at all.
SURE for people who killed it: AWESOME fun. But your time, your lifespan on earth is limited. Everyone will die - sooner or later. And this, is just thrown away your time out of the window. Time which can’t be brought back.

So keeping this in mind I am working on an universe which is like 90% PvP but has still places to recover. No Peacekeepers but places you can ~go (maybe)~ and recover from PvP. I can’t spoiler too many of my ideas because some requires Jaschas work which can’t be done 3 weeks now.
I don’t know if the 4.0 patch coming out just in time or again in that 3 weeks and we have to see what happens.

I hope / think HWS 4.0 will also be the last universe which tries to fix game problems we normally can’t fix at all.
If my plan works out either Eleon helped us with that or we come to a state where we control most of the game development part with our tool / HWS Connect.


Ahhh Rex you made my day with “back to the roots”:smiley: but now i can’t wait for some spoilers about HWS 4.0 ^^

We already have here the best server/admins/tools so i’m sure you’re working on something awesome :slight_smile:

Good luck !

Bases are not intended to be indestructible installations. By design they are designed to give an active defender an advantage.

Were they intended to be permanent non-disposable structures they woukd have a noninal defensive measure activatable at any time at the discretion of the owners.

In the not so distant future, bases will most likely be required for large deposite mining operations. Meaning, a large deposite is found, is un-mineable by hand and will require a ground installation [ a base] to conduct extraction. … and that during this period the installations defenses will become apparent, and values of minerals will likely increase as a result.

Again. Were bases intended to be permanent structures, they would be much more difficult to defeat.

I wouldsuggest you oractice building small disposable bases in PVP areas and use them as a fortified position, and nothing more. As that much IS exactly as designed.

This means, that u didnt plan any PvE-planets?

Means 10% is pve.

I’ve changed my stance from my 4.0 ideas

This is what I see as best case

All pvp. Everything. The lag and so many problems I think are coming from overcrowding. Overbulidng.

Now this is the interesting part.

OP on for 24 hours

Why? Stops cowards simple. A few weeks ago I was online and Thranir signed on at 0900 the day ETN changed to PVP. Reading the chat oh how smug he was…yes people should know better is number 1 rule here. No 2 is that’s not PVP…yes i can agree what other choice is there for thranir…who is building on pvp these days? I’m sure he doesn’t like being a coward but does he have another option?

OP is just 24 hours. Active players have a right to have a base that can be safe. Non active…suck it up, you only play once a week? well if you expect to have structures standing play single player. Easy.

I won’t build a base!! Good, live in deep space and just build outposts when mining etc. Why do you need large ground bases? They don’t move. Ammo hungry? Easily defeated.

‘Ppl will abuse op!’

Yes, just STAY AWAY. ‘What his second base is attacking me through op!’ He’s not online…Turn around and go else where. Mark it on your map and fingers crossed he didn’t log in the next day…game on!

‘But I can’t mine X cos he’s base with exploit OP is shooting me’. Yes, that’s unfair. Screenshot and admin can delete structure and everything in base. Lay down the rules and when ppl break them just punish. It’s not personal, it’s fair.

Ppl will not leave if all pvp they will adapt…atm is so annoying seeing all the posts coming in about…I lost my ships…being down to wipe.

If all pvp when people come crying you can just say, get this bud…nothing is safe. The best bet is to live in deep space if you have a lot you don’t want to lose but even that isn’t safe. We have frickin OCD…what other game/server gives you that safety net???

Ppl need to stop crying all the time. I was for both. Now with all the great tools rex n Joshua have made for us u think pve is not really required massively. Of course for elemental bank and noobs but not all the peacekeepers and planets we have now

Only PVE for noobs thinking about it and when it comes to the elemental bank etc. No bases allowed and no CV for x amount of time or they get deleted. Stops ppl camping there also.

How to police ppl camping on noob planets? There 2 noob planets. Every 3 days wipe . 3 days is enough time to build an Sv get to level 20 and bug out! Ppl will soon get bored of tearing down all the time. Oh and CV allowed in Playfield for x amount of time otherwise deleted.

I did just think of a massive issue that will need to be addressed if 90% world pvp…trader abusing OCD. Pretty much traders can abuse big time as everyone else has to be in pve or wait a long time for access. I’m not saying more PVE I’m saying OCD has to have a cool down for everyone. I think it’s harsh atm for everyone but trader…I have alot of ammo stored for example…hate constructing and takes so ages to distribute whilst taking up so many cargo boxes.so I go into pve to get it and stock up.

Maybe trader 5 mins cool down

Everyone else 15 mins

Also it should work based on command times. So you can use command ocd:get: x 5 times for example before cooldown…how does it work now? I never seem to be able to get anything when I’m in pvp ever?

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