Few questions on mechanics

OK, just a few quick things hopefully someone can answer.

  1. Am I missing something on the RP mechanic? I’m playing Pirate and have nothing in PVE but have not gained any RP yet according to connect. Do I need something in place or similar before that check is made?

  2. Do you need to be in a specific EGS zone to withdraw from OAM? I’ve done it while standing in the bank and waiting for the notification that the system sees me there and still been charged for OAM withdraw.

Thanks much in advance.

Don’t go by the RP topic in the ingame PDA. it is outdated and wrong.

In order to gain RP at all, you must have the Epic weapon of your chosen origin on your person. I am not sure what the Pirate epic weapon is, but any pirate should be able to tell you.

Also, I see that the post in the guide for Reputation Points on the website doesn’t mention the Epics needing to be in your inventory to gain RP, but as far as I know you need it.

Your first one can be bought at the ECC or loaned from another player to get your first RP. Then you can fa:supply and you will get another one every week.

OAM withdrawal can only be gotten for free in EGS zone. In between the bank and the trading hall. Wait until the server acknowledges you, then am:get:all and its free

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The epic for pirate is epic minigun, I think for the tick you need a BA placed somewhere in pvp not 100% sure.

Updated the guide.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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