Few thinks about OCD

I want to offer a few restrictions on the OCD drone

  1. Do not put in a drone on PvP fields. Or, at least 1 hour timer.

  2. You can not take anything from the drone on PvP areas, even traders, more than 1 time per hour

A very common situation, when in a moment of danger player puts all that is valuable in the drone and save their property from looting, which is essentially a cheat.

Admins help me add here voting is, the points below:

  • Yes, it should be done, not fair when the enemy gets off easy fright
  • I am, and so are often killed, and this is my only chance to save my property, leave it as it is
  • I was walking past and I do not care
  • I have a dissenting opinion (comment below)

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Then I just put my valuables in my inventory or trade them quickly on the market using wanteds with a guildy and log out instead? This idea is semi-useless as long as you can logout anywhere and if you can access the market anywhere.

Also blueprint spawning in pvp probably falls in the same category. You attack some random player who is mining and he dies. You try to loot his ship but he spawns nearby and spawns a couple of BA-cores and uses the market/OCD to stock them with ammo and they shoot the crap out of you while you attemped to loot his ship & backpack… This can be done quite fast if you macro it.

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For this u need to stop, and logoff. In 90% of situations u could easily die.

For this u need online some members, which could “help” u. Even we, didnt have such possibility always.

  1. Its spawns without energy.
  2. If u spawn NEAR, u gonna flashed on radar and gonna be killed again in a few sec. Continue until u go spawn to home/MB/CC.

never saw such “tactic”. Bc its unreal. Most of raids goes with CV. As u know, 15mm and 30mm Cannons works automatically on 700m. So u spawn and die in sec, before u could run… And again this repeats until u go away.

OCD in ALL of this situations, gives u possibility fight almost to the end. U just need macros on OCD:PUT:ALL + CB:START. And u save everything in a moment, and u didnt need to stop and logoff (which didnt save, bc I could spawn BA/HV near with some Ammo, which gonna kill u some hundred times.

OCD in PvP - some kind of uncountered cheating. Nothing could be done…

Thanks, as soon as Jascha is back we go the tuning / boost / nerf road through all features.

True I agree the OCD doesn’t’ require you to stop and there is no delay on the input so while mining you can just OCD it safely in between for almost 0 risk other than losing your crappy SV. This needs a nerf.

  1. spawn ship (near instant), between you and the enemy if possible.
  2. enter it instantly (at this point you may get shot at but you are safe for a moment, requires 2nd cockpit at the back)
  3. use market (few seconds, take from pending tab that you pre-bought)
  4. fuel + ammo it (several seconds)
    I never saw this happen either but I’m trying to get it to work in singleplayer first. But as long as you got a ship/BA between you and the enemy you may spawn safely. Just spawn it immediately and a few seconds later he will flee :D.

auto-aiming turrets are a problem in space only (unless this was changed). On a planet not so much and if you get attacked in space, just warp.

For a BA it’s even easier, just spawn the BA between you and the enemy and you are good. I got a blueprint that is just a massive wall in case of emergency :). Still gotta macro it better though. Then I intend on flying away on the other side of that wall haha

I have not been able to test this online yet but it will work I’m sure. Just needs a lot of macro fine-tuning.

hm… 1st try this online… I think this wouldnt work.

gamesglitches: “haha we already OCD all stuff.”

maybe something also about nearby respawn if possible, or at least suggestion to the devs. by the time i kill the third guy the 1st guy gets his backpack and starts shooting at me with plasma cannon lol. had to wait 30 mins for my faction buddy to show up with a auto turret so we could loot hteir backpacks, but by then they already OCD nearly everything

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Dead respawn timer should be like 60 seconds. Not like it is now. And blueprint spawning also needs a 10 second delay (120 seconds if recently been in combat and after dying) to prevent instant magic wall/base in the middle of combat. And the distance from where you died should be larger. Like 1-2km away at the very least and in space even further. This is better for both parties.

Heh… I want to watch on u, when u respawn in 2 km from your backpack on Snow planet for Example… This gonna be funny show.