Fight against SWP V's PKA

okay in this vidio it shows SWP fighting PKA.
after one of them had to relog due to the lag it shows a ship from SWP with a huge hole in it yet when he redid his “p” to see what was left in his ship it said
a lot of things yet in the vidio you see hardly anything left of the ship?? WHERE WAS ALL THE CONSTRUCTORS WARP COOR EVEYTHING ON THE LIST AND THE FULE TANKS ECT???
LOOK AT THE VIDION AT 28.13, 44 and 48 how is he moving wheer are the thrusters?
hear is there vidio from you tube!

At first glance it would appear that those components are located in the portions of the ship that are not destroyed.


Some one blind… All parts are in, and still alive.

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but how and where am i just blind? as i can not see how they would all fit in?
the amount of devices left in the ship there would nto be room for them in the blocks that are left if you look towards the end of the vidio at 48.
also the rockets are looking for the core to the right of the cv!

There is plenty of space left for all the components left in the p menu. I have no idea what you’re smoking but share please.

the game is bugged, it happened to me, you see your devices gone then they come back, paranormal

edit: also LOD will make devices in the ship disappear beyond 50 m

homing rockets are looking for the initial location of the core when you spawn the bp, remove it and place it elsewhere, turrets won’t target you or miss, I’ve seen a few players using this exploit, it’s super lame.

Video without pruning can show only to administrators.
It is clearly seen that the ship left, I was quickly repaired to continue the flight, etc.
Unfortunately, it had to cut, do not you know where the kernel)))
About a bug with the kernel developers were sent a week ago, it is not used on this ship missiles fly not in the core. Why in the center of mass? I do not know.

There was no cheating here. Checked a few SWP ships on the night and all I can say is that SWP although they make pretty ugly ships they are experienced when it comes to building for PVP.

Things such as moving the core which affects the turrets aiming isn’t an exploit as you have to move it in order to keep the ships flying… No one wants to see a 200k iron CV be rendered useless after 3 mins because the core is taken out. OFC if this was abused in a way where the core was like 25 blocks away from the ship surrounded in blocks then we could consider it an exploit.

Fighting has to be fair, but they way you build (skill) should be a big factor otherwise fights would be more random and maybe you win and lose more frequent instead of winning a lot.

SWP Took some loses the other night, remember they are only PVP orientated and have been around a long while… They have learnt a thing or two over the builds.

Sometimes they do push the limits of maybe bordering an exploit but with the game state so many players have also done this… We are OFC not saying to try and push the limits (as you will get punished eventually) but it is not cheating… As in adding something to the game that ain’t allowed (outside programs) or making it so only they have access to a certain advantage…

It was a really good fight the other night and great to see an alliance faction dealing some justice to the pirate factions :wink:

Lets steer away for accusing and just accept it was an enjoyable battle :smile:


Bugs and lag and the server being unable to keep up were most of the problems for me. Haven’t seen any obvious cheating either. Their ships are huge and have a lot of room for extra components indeed and they are solid combat armor. Much more expensive than our tiny ships. Framerate dropped to 15 fps…

My explosive device did literally 0 damage after checking with the multitool before and after. Probably just the server that can’t keep up. And I’m like 95% sure that a lot of my shots were not registered by the server, but the ammo drainage is. And the turrets are only firing so once in a while :confused:
And a lot of shots went right through me without dealing damage to me either.

Aha you used Alestorm!

hence why i asked whether it was a gltch in the p menu!

Achilles, try it, spawn an SV with the core 50 m away from ship, then remove core and put it inside ship and go on Alien planet, turrets either miss or do nothing, it’s OP. They shoot at the previous location of the core, void in this case.

Did you actually try this?

We did, on alien planet, we confirmed it, it was so efficient we decided not to use it, this bug has be around for months, I read about it on the official forum.

When you shoot SV with missiles, you see them spinning around the “ghost” core, GG.

Your testing method was flawed.

I don’t care about NPC targeting. I care about player turret targeting. And player turret targeting does not work that way.

If it did all of my ships would be exploit ships that don’t get shot.

In other words, your testing method was flawed.

Could you explain how targeting is different?

No. Test it yourself. I’m not doing all the leg work for you.

Actually someone else already posted exactly how it works on this forum but it was buried by guesses and misinformation. It has nothing to do with core location though.