First Attempt at Living on PVP planet in 5.0

Hey guys I would like to document my pvp ventures in hope that more people will move to none origin pvp planets in search of a challenge. :wink:

My first trip is to a planet called Ori, A lava planet ,it is rich in resources around 7 nodes each in copper, silicon and cobalt and it would have been lovely to have all that being farmed by T3 auto miners * _ *.


Moved my CV 100km off the planet, filled 10 constructors to the brink and ready for action :smiley:

The plan was to land and throw Hv perimeter defense up quickly, then have time to build up 3 Ba’s customly suited to the terrain. I ended up going for 12 rocket hv’s 2 auto cannon hv’s and a cheap 1k iron cv to move everything to the planet.

While constructing the hv’s the constructors where cherning up tons of ammo and parts for 3x Ba’s


2 hour prep time, about 40k resources later and ready to rock :sunglasses:

Venture to the planet:

From 100k away it takes about 15-20min to get to the planet. It’s a very long and nerve wreaking experience, travel cv has next to 0 guns 2 little autos xD if anyone found me it was G_G.

Was a long quiet trip no one to be found, luckily for me, searched around on the planet for a bit for a nice strategic place to set down. Eventually settled near the north pole in the green area with smog :stuck_out_tongue: was nice for hiding my base from air attacks.

Setup the base near the pole so that i only had half the area left to defend, making each point of defense more valuable, the setup looked as follows:

Got all the hvs down but this was the tricky part, had to place them load them with fuel and ammo, switch to faction but not power them on, I was a sitting duck if i turned them on they would start shooting my own defense, so slowly placed everything, fueled loaded and then onlined them all at the end, the whole process took 30-40 minutes.

Now time for the bases, the hv defensive line was on so had to place the bases inside the ditch where the cv was to avoid the guns firing at them. I got them down started building walls and a tower didn’t even get to place any turrets yet and heard a few rockets flying out from my defence. At first i thought they where just shooting the alien npcs around my base but then I realised that there was a massive hole in my cv xD… first thought was that my own defenses where trying to shoot a running npc and that while moving the missiles met half way into the cv… that was not the case, there was a massive CV with its head just slightly above the right mountain busy launching salvo after salvo of plasma rounds into my base, at the time only 1 of my rocket defences was shooting back, I imidiatly jumped ontop of my now wrecked CV and climbed into my battlecruiser SV and went after the enemy OGA CV… bad idea… it took a total of 10 seconds for my ship to completely melt and my death shortly followed.

I realised that with the death of my CV and the lack of progress on my bases i had no clone bay close by and was forced to spawn nearby, luckily i spawned behind a mountain ran back to my base and watched for abit. The OGA CV decided to come up from the mountain and try get closer to my base and then a beautiful diplay of rockets climbed into the nights sky and sent the OGA CV crashing into the mountain with no core. :slight_smile:

The enemy was standing near his ship and was more than likely trying to re-core and repair it so he could continue the raid, I knew i had to act fast. There was no sv or pilot-able hv left in the base but I had left one a few Km’s away by the auto miners, took about 5min to run over grab the hv and get to the enemy’s crashed craft which the enemy had now abandoned. I immediately jumped off and took the multi tool and tried to disassemble as quickly as posible so that no repairs could be made to that ship, did a lot of damage before I heard the sound of rockets flying once again…

Got out got in the hv went around the mountain to find that the enemy had brought another 2 CV it seemed like the exact same model T_T… the rest of my base fell pretty quickly after that, my HV that I was on got owned in seconds by a barrage of something I didn’t even see… Tried to re-spawn near base a few times to grab as much of my loot as possible and get away, dying a few times in the process… but managed to get out with the loot 2 epic rifles. There was a POI in the distance and I made haste, hid for abit thinking of possible ways to beat my new enemies, but they where terrifying… like something from a post apocalyptic film:

The enemy CV Decided it wanted me for lunch and all my loot so I did the only thing I could I ran inside the POI and threw the 2 epics on to the floor in a hidden spot that i knew they would never find, threw as much as I could into loot bags that was dropped from the POI in the first place and with gun in hand and empty bag I tried to live as long as posible hiding behind every last bit of structure that remained… the enemy was ruthless tearing away every block infront of my eyes until here was only a small hole in the ground to hide in… and death…

At this point i knew I had lost, congradulated them in global chat and respawned back at home which sent me back to my 100km CV where I could prepare for round 2.

In hindsight of it all I should have prebuilt my base on the test server and saved the blue print, if I could have insta spawned 3 ba’s with all weapons ready then maybe that fight would have ended very differently… o well, it was fun either way… till next time OGA, till next time : ).


FYI, CV’s, SV’s, and BA’s all spawn as private but will not attack your faction structures nor will your faction structures target them.

I can’t speak to HV’s as I honestly have no experience there but I would assume it’s the same. This was changed sometime just before, or with the 5.0 release. Private entities also do not show up globally on the map anymore so you don’t need to worry about that.

Due to the 3 BA core limit, LBP’s repair bases are all set to private and can repair faction ships.

As always, however, setting something public is a great way to die horribly.

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Dammit… thanks for the info im so used to my structures shooting each other from previous versions…

Why live so far out in space? live on pvp planet instead, be a utter not a chicken!

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It’s my storage base… why would I put that at risk when I can have more fun using that up slowly in risky ways, and im busy moving it 200km out now just incase you come for it :stuck_out_tongue:

thats why i love to be a pirate nice story :slight_smile: good luck next time


haha, you never see me coming :wink:


you can’t do this alone. In most cases its hard with a small team because they are going to wait till you logoff and then attack