FlyFall Shipyards

Hi guys! :wink:

because the new 4.0 update for empyrion - i think to share some newer blueprints on my workshop
specially for HWS user. the 4.0 update gets many new balancing options so - it will be rpg friendlier.

the HWS server is an PVP server - i know. but the rpg aspect be a very good thing to change the view of the complete game…

the first ship what ill share with you is an 100% refitted ship calls ,Phantom G,
over the time i build more refitted vessels and upload it for alpha 4.0 because - i have a too huge garage xD.

The Phantom G is an Level 12 SV and classified with a shipclass of 2.
Because the newer Options and Features ingame - i only share blueprints with an absolute minimum of
standard equipment.

For every feedback iam very happy! - please note! if you want to rebuild my blueprint/s and reupload it into the workshop - please let me know!

i try to share every week minimum 1 blueprint for you! :blush:

thanks! :smile:


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so! 4.0 is out and i hope you enjoy the first vessel AND the 4.0 update!

btw… at next friday ill upload this ship on my workshop after a small HWS-configuration :wink: (bec. the 10k block limit):

stay cool! :smiley:

Nice one @Dead8Eye! Thank you very much for your sharing!

Just a headsup: we don’t have a 10k block limit anymore :wink: Only the Class 4 (1000 devices) one and the turret one.
Please see here:

hi Rex!

ok nice! :smiley: thanks for informing! i think to update the weaponry on this ship over the week :wink:

Very Nice Dead8Eye ,

Looks very cool , good job mate :slight_smile:

thanks! :wink:
upcoming friday - you all find them on my workshop:


Today was the Upload of the Phobos Corvette:

Next week ill upload the Noctor HT2 Tank.

NOTE: because the acutally puplic build - all LCD screens be not functional if you spawn the blueprint!

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