Follow up on last ticket , Garage ship broken

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What happened: After Rex restored my garage ship , it was 104 LY away, took me some time to get back to it and then it was far away from warp-in. Garage ship lost blocks and turrets. Restore to template bugged , Garage ship not the same

Player(s) with issue: Neck-Beard

Server: NA

Time (cb:time): 15:60

Playfield: On Stella now

Structure Name(s): Sir Edmund

Structure ID(s): 2261839

How can we help you now: New Garage ship plz , delete old Garage ship


where is the ship at the moment? I cannot find it anymore.

Logging in now was on Stella TAW planet , I thought

TAW Empire space
Ship name : Sir Edmund

the ID seems to be wrong. since the one you mentioned is destroyed in Beelzu
The other Sir Edmund is in TAW Empire, not Stella. But I don’t see any issues here. Maybe it was just a relog problem.

Please check it again and show a picture of what you mean.

It’s missing turrets , garage ship with over limit turrets and now it’s missing turrets, logging in now

Seems the ID changed when Rex restored it

new ID: 3089086


I checked it and it lost 3 Blocks and 3 devices somewhere between 04.07. 01:55 and 3:45

Now 3 blocks don’t get lost by a bug. If it cuts out whole areas, like later that day. It looks more like it was shot or removed by accident

Well no time to check further. I restored the one before it was broken. But usually we would not do that unless its a clear bug.

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TY Jas , yes think NPC shoot it when rex restored it as it was so far away from warp in , cheers


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