Forced Auction Feedback

Uhh Rex, I don’t think starting the offer for damaged goods should the base price to buy one, but that may just be me.


  1. I didn’t check the ship myself. I just saw it’s in PvE safety again > so probably all repaired
  2. it has for sure a lot of ammo!? Surprise box #1
  3. it has maybe even more goodies inside? Suprise box #2

Maybe it would be better if I make images of the Auction object?
Just Leave feedback

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aren’t auctions supposed to start at a low price and bids bring it up? if so i start my bid at 5mil :wink:

Its called reserve pricing. Seller sets minimum auction sell price. If no bids at or above, item isnt sold.

Since Rex is now the owner, if not sold — my guess he’ll wiggle his nose, and poof.

Its like a luggage auction from the airport, so you dont know what you get in that fine boxes and what modifications are made. A big pile of Pentax maybe? A lot of Ammo? Or some fine goods hidden in the cargo? Nobody knows?!


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A previously owned ABN ship? Make sure you guys run a black light over everything, your shots are current, and you bring plenty of sanitizer! :laughing: The surprise bonus items do make it tempting though…


lol - there it is.

-1 Credit…
I don’t think auctioning this ship as punishment just so another fellow faction member can buy it back is punishment at all but just pay to get away with things. That gives the wrong impression. Even worse an abn leadership member buying it back shows that there is no remorse for the actions taken. If i was Rexx i would just take this ship and throw it in the trash but thats just me.


if another faction mate has auctioned it for 75m should be something really interesting inside, So tempting.

why is this an issue? are you suggesting that rex’s ruling was not fair? are you suggesting that we all be punished for one member’s actions? how would you feel if the rolls were reversed? i am bidding for the loot only and planed on recycling it right in front of shmak as a punishment for bringing up all this time wasting drama that the moderators shouldn’t have to deal with.


Be prepared, we will see a virtual finger waving, silently screaming Bad dog! while snickering silently.

I imagine it will be similar to my crop dusting the isles in Walmart, saying “wtf is that smell?” while trying not to laugh…

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