Forced teleport wrecked my day

Spoon feed? WIth what spoon exactly? A fix with zero warning or heads up isn’t much of a spoon. It’s called a surpise… Like surprise, now your stuff’s everywhere and half of it’s been deleted, have fun figuring out how to recover it all.

Not everyone spends forever and a day browsing through the forums to learn every in-game command, most people just want to play the game, but that’s exactly why this “Help” section is supposed to exist. Or at least in theory why it’s supposed to exist. I can honestly say, I’ve gotten a lot more drama and false info here than I have actual “Oh, that’s clearly a problem, let me take 2 minutes and fix it”.

Rexxus did that, I said thanks, pointed out that people noticed his warning, and all was well until he decided to take it the wrong way and “Get irritated” about it. Like oh, you’re “Irritated” because someone made a joke out of a typo? Guess how I feel after having about 4 hours of my time wasted on something that could have been resolved in a couple minutes.?

Here’s a thought. This doesn’t concern you, you’re not helping out, you’re just making things worse. Stop.

clearly the rules themselves of the class size was not a surprise if:

bottom line, you parked in a compact car only spot and ignored the sign for an entire month. now you’re mad that the parking attendant is back from being sick and enforcing the rules as it should be. I highly recommend you consider this a win since everything has been resolved to the best of the staff’s abilities and move on. the further you go down this road, the worse it will get for you and you alone :frowning:

and yes even though you don’t see it, this is me trying to help you before you get even further down the rabbit hole that does not need to be journeyed into…

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What part of any time you want, you can feel free to ignore my posts are you failing to understand?

But let’s follow this rabbit hole a bit further… Why are you blaming the truck drivers for parking in a lot full of other trucks when the attendant let them all in and allowed them to stay for a month and a half because a BUNCH of people, INCLUDING THE ATTENDANT, made a mistake and didn’t notice a sign in the small corner of the info tab that had been supposedly been there for 7 years until after the parking attendant decided to hold an easter event, suddenly realized the mistake, and then had all the trucks towed with no warning to clear the lot for the event? A warning only works when people notice it. It was clearly a mistake made worse by the immediate fix without a warning. At this point, it’s time to clean up the mess, move on, learn, and not repeat. We’ve just recently finished the clean-up phase. Now to move on…

Your idea of “help” is not help. Stop. Go away. Do not respond to me any further. That will help.

Victim? Nonsense. I couldn’t care less about the “joke”.
I said I’m irritated about you making a drama over nothing and threat to rage quit and demand refund while you are somehow still here complaining about things other players just took it the mature way and moved on.

You ignored my last important sentence that even though I added the warning some players still get teleported out which proofs the point that this is all fuss over nothing.

Whatever, I see you are argumentative and we have no time for that and rather improve the experience for everyone.