Forced teleport wrecked my day

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What happened?
=> So I was going ot land my Orca and docked ships outside the EGS base on the planet like I did yesterday, and surprise, forced teleport shoved me out into space. Ordinairly i’d be amused, but all of my ships are now superimposed on one another and the getshiphere command won’t work because they don’t recognize me as their owner. They’re still in my structure commander list, and I can issue the getshiphere command to them, but I get a playfield/ownership error.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Morndenkainen

Server? (+ EU or + NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 23`:50?

On which Playfield?
=> Homeworld PvE System/ ECC planet.

Structure Name(s)?
=> Orca, Mackinaw, Derpstick, Orca module 0.6, Orca Factory, Orca Farm, there were several ships that went poof.

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> Would love to, but the reset also just kicked in and screwed me, then deleted a bunch of stuff.

|Orca Module 0.6 Factory|10698711|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7609/376/2527|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|0|28 238|89|9 492|3|Yes|0|
|Orca Module 6.0 Storage|10753912|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7738/389/2456|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|0|27 042|54|6 047|3|Yes|0|
|Orca Module 0.6 Farm|10834152|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7480/364/2598|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|0|27 042|54|6 047|3|Yes|0|
|Orca Module 0.6|10834162|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7703/391/2409|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|0|49 062|112|11 283|5|No|0|
|Orca Module 0.6|10903702|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7445/366/2551|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|0|27 042|54|6 047|3|Yes|0|
|Derp Stick|11825243|Yes|Manage|CV|Privat|Morndenkainen|ECC|Homeworld PvE System|-7811/426/2386|24-04-01 23:45|0d 00:21|5|9 610|132|2 332|1|Yes|0|

How can we help you now?
=> Fix everything back the way it was before I entered the ECC area and maybe give people a bit of a heads up when ship size restrictions suddenly change?

Idk if it’s a restore from like 6 hours ago. (1800ish server time) That should be fine as the ships would just be sitting and the inventory will be correct.

And now these two have utterly derped out as well…

Mackinaw 7663070 No Manage CV Privat Morndenkainen ECC Sector Homeworld PvE System 2349/14359/-975 24-04-01 23:45 0d 00:38 58 46 189 757 7 280 8 Yes 0

Orca Module 0.6 10756648 No Manage CV Privat Morndenkainen ECC Sector Homeworld PvE System 5617/16500/1263 24-04-01 23:45 0d 00:04 222 31 712 366 9 777 8 Yes 0

Yeah, can you just restore the whole lot of them as per about 1800hrs server time or so?

And next time, let people know when you’re adding in size limits and teleports? Give em 5 minute warning to leave the area first, post it in discord, maybe a MOTD popup when you log in? Cause this is just a mess.

hey evening…
ECC’s class size limit was missed :stuck_out_tongue:

plz use cb:restore:id…

I suppose I should repeat myself and say again, that I landed the ship on the planet, outside of the ECC building, yesterday, without any issues…

Today, I went to do the same thing to check out the easter egg thing, and that’s when everything went to crap.

So, what’s up with the sudden change exactly?

cb:restore is putting my ships all over the place, wtf? Now I have to run around, figure out where they’re at / were randomly teleported to and collect them all? Gah…

And of course, I can’t even get the one ship I have, that’s big enough to haul my other ships off the planet because I get instantly teleported out…

I’d really like the Admin that caused this situation, to fix the problem they caused.

After 2 hours of work, plus the help of OTOC, we managed to recover the hulls and materials. However, 6 of the ships modules are now painted the wrong color. It would be nice if the modules could be restored to the proper colors.

This never should have happened in the first place.

Hey, as it has said* for years in the ECC planet description, there has always been a limit of size class 7 max.
Recently a bug just caused that limit to not be enforced, but it was still there.
This bug was fixed yesterday.

Nothing went wrong here (other than the docking bug deleting structures, which we have no control over), and it was intentional that you were kicked out of the planet if your ship was too big.

That is another game bug that comes for restored ships. If you use a repair bay on the ship, the colors will return to normal.


The YEARS that size limits have been enforced on the ECC homeworld are completely irrelevant to someone who’s been playing for a season, when for that entire season and the duration that person has been playing those size limits were not enforced.

It would have been nice to have had SOME warning that things were suddenly different, or “fixed” as of yesterday. It’s just the reasonable thing to do when there’s suddenly a game altering “fix” that upends the gameplay that EVERYONE has become used to.

As for the repair bay? I haven’t made one, and didn’t plan to… Great, now I have to waste another hour or so getting that done… So that’ll be what, 6 hours of my time wasted all because someone someone couldn’t be bothered to warn people about a “fix”?

The way I see it, you guys made the change, with no warning at all, which caused the issue.

You guys should be the ones to get out your paint gun or build a public repair bay big enough to handle large capital ships and fix the problems you caused. Think of it as a character building exercise, it will help you to remember to give a heads-up / notice / warning to players when making game-altering changes.

Side note, it’s also removed the names from all of my container controllers, so now I have to go around my ship, figure out what’s where, and rename everything… So yeah, there’s that I get to deal with as well because you guys decided to make an unannounced change.

if only there were some way in game to discover information about a planet before landing there…

btw you only need a few blocks to make a repair bay. a huge platform is not needed at all. the color template repair only takes a few seconds to resolve if you do it right.

empyrion is no AAA game by any stretch of the term. bugs are just part of the experience :frowning:

Also, spawning my ship, the Derpstick back in seems to have overwritten my patreon core with a regular core…

So yeah, I’m definitely going to need that replaced. Didn’t notice until just now when I went to go somewhere and ran out of fuel…

This is why I wanted my ships restored… Because now, I’m finding out the hard way, in a critical moment, when I need to go rescue my buddy Rico from a nullifier that just wrecked his ship, that my ship is out of fuel and short on CPU…

Yeah, it’s said that for the entire season… Except up until YESTERDAY, it wasn’t actually in effect… How do I know this? Because I never had an issue taking my Mackinaw, (Sz8) or any other ship there… Even landed the orca there without issue the day before…

Also, this was no bug, this was something that someone did, as in changed a setting, and didn’t warn anyone about.

Call it whatever you will, the “FIX” caught a lot of people off guard, because no one informed anyone that anything was “FIXED”…

And the patreon core in the Derpstick was also changed back to a regular core when it was respawned… So either I need you to give me a new HWS Patreon core, or restore the ship to it’s proper state prior to being deleted.

Your choice.

Did you replace it yourself already or did you miss it that it has a Patreon Core equipped?

HWS core is orange/yellow, the core in the ship is green/grey. HWS core does not run out of fuel/O2. I got in my ship to go rescue Rico earlier, Warped to Balba Beta ran out of fuel, and had to put the fuel I was bringing Rico in the ship to get back to Graphimu to fill the Fuel/O2 tanks back up. Take a closer look at your screenshot. IDK if you cropped it and have the original still, but it definitely was not acting like a patreon core should.

That said, thanks for replacing the core. The ship is no longer using fuel or O2 and is working as it should, without the generator redlining when the shields are switched on, and moving…

so basically you knew about the class size restriction but completely ignored it. doesn’t seem this is anyone’s fault but your own. either way the issue has been resolved. hopefully you will pay attention to other rules instead of ignoring them then complaining about the consequences for your own actions :frowning:


Quit gaslighting. I’m not the only one who’s had issues with the size limit. Prior to the other day, there were no limits at the ECC homeworld and everyone on the server knows it.

If only there were a way to warn people ahead of time… Some… Message… That would pop up, that never did before…

Oh, look… That got added in too… And was subsequently made fun of because it specifically said “only”, instead of 7 and under or some such…

There it is! That is the pivot point for me that summarize exactly what this all is about:
An unecessary drama to “proof the point”. A typical illness of the modern world.

There were ~10 players affected by the fix of the class size limit and they lost ships.
Nobody made such a drama and just made a ticket, got their ships back and said in the end “thank you”. Done.
There will be always issues with the game, with HWS, because we are all a tiny group trying their best for thousands of players.
Making fun of me in the same sentence in which some complain and rage quit is irritating for me.

Nevertheless I want to improve and added a warning. Did it help? No, I still see players getting teleported out of the planet.


yes, sadly we can only spoon feed information so much. some will always find excuses to point the finger at everyone but themselves :frowning:


Oh please, I wasn’t one of the ones that made fun of it. I simply pointed out that despite the warning, others did, because people NOTICED the warning. Not only did they notice the warning, but what it said.

They noticed… The warning. That proves it worked. Got it? Good, do I still need to continue to be a smartass while you try and hijack the role of the victim about this whole thing over a typo? Or do you just want to acknowledge that mistakes were made which caused everybody, on ALL sides, (players AND admins) several hours of extra work for all sides, needed to be fixed, and move on to the rest of the cleanup?