Forgot have fuel with me. Before buy a new mining ship and ship got delete, due to ship had no fuel

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What happened:
=> 0ops I just buy a ship and forget to have fuel for moving the ship from sales lot

20-02-17 22:42 Buy Ship
Bought structure Quasar | 3m from Ju for 2700000 credits and 0 reputation

[ 5:01 PM ]

I try using ship shiphere and shipdown command to move ship 50 mm with outfuel

[ 5:03 PM ]

I under the rules about sale are final. Only problem was I could start ship’s engines.

Player(s) with issue:
=>Ship was delete under rule of needing be move 50mm away. I wasn’t able to due to have no fuel to run ship’s engines.

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=>20-02-17 22:42

=> ECC sector

Structure Name(s):
=> HWS Space Garage

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> It would be nice to undelete the do to fact there was no way move the ship from sales lot.
If not no problem. Idea to help future play in buying ships at HWS Garage, have a fuel trader or vendor to sell small amount a fuel or have a teleport to fuel station, to make ease to get fuel to move ship from sales lot and add to list of steps to do before “ts:buy” command have fuel ready for the new ship. I hope this help other players :slight_smile:

Have fun and thank for your time :slight_smile:

Update: I did get other Quasar mining ship and the credit look like it auto refund me.
So I was able to have fund s to pay for ship. I noticed the restock ship was fully fuel and the plants where alive and engines where running. I did got some fuel to bring along for the ship, before tiring buy the ship again. The first time I noted the dead plants on ship but didn’t think of anything of it. I just need a good CV mining ship to mine. Next time I check the for a running engines and sign of fully power ship. I’m currently enjoy mining with new CV mining.

I hope this help make the game better. Have fun :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you far as me get a new ship. But still leave problem with new player or some player trying buy ship that been sitting in sales lot for long time and used up all it fuel and player can’t move the ship the 50mm to avoid the ship being delete with warnings.

Next I going make sure I bring fuel or at lease check for sign the ship able to be move 50mm away from sales lot, the ship was park at.

Ship isn’t alien cored, therefore it used up all of it’s fuel before it got sold. Perhaps a warning at the Garage that reminds players if the vessel isn’t alien cored, that it may have used up it’s fuel supply and need fuel to move. @Ju Perhaps this is an issue that can be solved?

Yes, I think the best way is to turn off the ship so that the fuel is not used up. Now on my TODO list :slight_smile: Thank you!


Even if you switch off the vessels without alien cores there will still be the issue with dead plants as soon as temperature or radiation goes too far from safe levels.

Luckily this was a CV and the player can just replace them. They are still going to die though.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

True! I think with CVs we can just solve the problem by deleting the plants and turn off the ship, so the player can plant his own sprouts and use the fuel.
With SV or HV plants, it is necessary to give the vessels an Alien Core. Since ships with Alien Cores should cost 10m at minimum, we have to add more alien tech in the case it is needed.
Thank you too! :slight_smile:

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