Forum feature suggestion: Marketplace

I would like to propose adding marketplace feature here in forums, preferrably with some tags.

This could be used for ISO (In search of) & FT (For trade) topics that could be filtered. You could take reference from D2Jsp which is one of the most successful trading communities for in game items.

While it’s possible to do these in-game and it’s fairly easy to sell items, it’s very hard (and inconvenient) to post ISOs in game marketplace so at least that should be implemented if you don’t want the forum to fill with sale offers.

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HWS Forums > Trading Grounds > EU Trading
HWS Forums > Trading Grounds > NA Trading

Filterable tags:
FT ISO Services

While in appropriate forum, allow “quick” creation of correct topic by pressing smthing like: “New ISO, New FT or New Service” or at least make it mandatory to tag it with one of the 3 before posting so confusion is avoided

Not sure about this feature but i think a third marketplace will confuse the players even more than 2. While the veterans often visit the forum, new players wouldnt even know that there is a blackmarket in Connect.

How about a Marketplace-Thread where you can post your Blackmarket-Offers - seperatly or all together, via a button in HWS-Connect