Freelancer Heist Mission stopped working

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What happened:
=> Ever since the update, I haven’t been able to begin the Freelancer Heist mission. When I go through the portal, I sit for several minutes at the “Teleporting…” screen. When it finally finishes the teleport, I’m in open, empty space, with no freighter loaded, and the instance timer already several minutes into the countdown, the “Go through the Stargate” mission goal box checked, and have to either sit there for 6.5 minutes for the instance to close, or relog to be immediately sent back to Racom station. The problem seems to be specifically THIS freighter heist, as I can still do other freighter heist missions (I haven’t tested them all, but I can still do the gold and magnesium freighter heists).

Player(s) with issue:
=> Player ID: 1469538

=> both NA and EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 26 Oct 2019 21:30

=> ECC Space - Freelancer Freighter Heist

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Figure out why this mission fails to load every single time (without fail) since the update, please?

Hi, thanks for the report.

Yes, this becomes more and more an issue. Missions are empty…

I have the last hope of a fix with a rework of universe structure with the next server restart.
If this does not help, I have to report it to Eleon and we have to wait for a fix :frowning:

The server just rebooted about 40 minutes prior to this post. Based on your reply to my bug report, I just attempted the Freelancer Heist mission again, and once again, it’s completely empty, so it would seem that your attempted fix didn’t work, sadly.

Yes, unfortunately many missions are broken since the last patch and Eleon requires more time to fix it…
Guess I have to shut them down so long…

Alright, good news.
Testing the upcoming 10.6 patch it seems it’s fixed!
So stay strong and patient.
I mean technically the POI is there but you have to fly to it :grimacing:

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