Freighter Heist issues

I’m doing Freighter Heist pretty often and there are some issues there.
First of all I can’t trigger a mission. Nothing helps, only relogging to server. In that case maybe it worth to make a manual switch?..

OK, here we go. But there is another issue after accepting mission.

I need to enter Cor system. But I’m already here, at Racom station. Nothing helps here at all. I need to warp away, for example to Zion sector, warp back, fly to Racom again… pretty weird and annoying. Maybe change something here?

Zirax having some fun there meanwhile :smiley:
Another issue: marker misplacement for Erestrum Freighter Heist.

OK, doing mission, success!

But after that you are teleported back to other Racom station in this sector, Zirax one! Its an error cause you need to be at Polaris Racom.

There is Sathuim Freighter Heist at Zirax Racom, and after completing it you’re teleported to space, where Alien Thermica Station instantly kills you. Also need a fix.

Also Gold Freighter Heist mission has no sense because there is no Racom station at Homeworld planet…

Hope you’ll fix all this stuff soon, thanks!