Frustrating experience on Freelancer

Hello everyone!

First i wanna note that me and a friend of mine started playing last weekend on this server. I know this is a game in Alpha and i know (at least that is what i have experienced so far) that the ppl behind this server are doing a great job.

So, I’ve made this post to say that me and my friend started yesterday fresh on Freelancer planet. First problem was the lack of seaweed which means no biofuel eventually. Admins were kind enough to offer me some seaweed when i noticed that problem with my friend so we could keep up. We managed to gather the materials for a base from the blueprint factory and when we “planted” that base there was immediately a server message that Drones were on their way for our base… that didn’t happen before 5.0! At least not so fast?! Anyways we managed to defend ourselves and the base from that first attack. After that attack we thought we should find a way to defend our base when we are offline. We made some bullets for the automated turrets that we had on our base. We didn’t find enough magnesium for more and soon we wouldn’t have biofuel for it. Anyways today i woke up and checked our base condition before i go to my job and it was missing…!There was just the space we have drilled around our base!

In conclusion i am not here to make a complaint, not to say we want everything easy. We like that lvl of difficulty. It’s just we didn’t know that it was so hard before 5.0 and i am not sure if things did work as intended in our case. Excuse my noobishness if there is any.

So what is your suggestion we should do from now on? We’ve lost everything, we never played much before 5.0 so we could store some stuff and recall it now, no seaweeds still (at least that was the case when i logged early in the morning)… ! What should we do? I am not asking for an easy way through this, just some guidance so we won’t waste our playtime again!

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Build underground (or under water should in theory also work). Drone attacks are several major patches old or something. Not something from 5.0.

It’s just that in 4.0 a lot of exploiters went back to starter planets to kill them for you so you probably never noticed.

If you lost everything just type cb:reset

Ok thanks a lot! It really helps! What about seaweeds? Do we have some now cause if i am gonna build underground i probably would require more Biofuel than i did with my first base… !

Server restart should have fixed the seaweed but I didn’t check it out. I’d say: check it out, and if not, ask admin for seaweed packages :stuck_out_tongue:

We are going to incorporate the seaweed on the starters soon, Sorry we misses it…sometimes we focus so much on the big pictures we miss a few little things lol :slight_smile:

No worries! You already do a great job! That’s why we need to remind you about those little things! Seems though that a lot players had some pretty good stuff stored before wipe that they didn’t have to rely on seaweeds! hehe !

Thanks again!

I add seaweed to all starters on all servers yesterday. They are in the forests / mountain cliffs