[FSG]WooDY Griefing base

[FSG] faction griefing my base on Trader starter. FSG-WooDY stole items from a vessel I was deconstructing, ran up and nicked miner cores and other stuff from a cargo box that was the last item to be removed from a hover vessel.

Later on a dew of his faction mates extended their base into mine and boxed in 2 vehicles. As I was disassembling one vehicle they tried to box me in making me dig myself out via a tunnel. They released the part desconstucted vehicle when I posted in chat but have refused to release the other.

I have screenshots and evidence where they have tried to dig under my base.

Be careful with deconstructing, you will run into problems on pvp aswell, always remove your core last so that you have access to everything until right at the end without anyone else being able to grab and a 2nd part is that it wont show on map very long if you remove the core right at the end.


This could have been avoided. As mentioned deconsturcting leaving the core last otherwise it is set to public. This means the structure has no owner so is no longer classed as your items.

A harsh lesson but in situations like this admins do not get involved.

Major grieving, cheating etc we will always deal with though small situations we do not have time in the day to deal with all.

Be safe out there :wink: