Fuel Bug

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What happened?
=> There appears to be a bug in PVP where fuel is draining hours before it supposed to run out. We have tested this on Desertworld, Iceworld, and Homeworld. All of these bases are offline (no fuel) when they should have 10+ hours left.

We tested whether the Teleporter was draining the fuel - but our sensors are working - shutting off TP whenever we use it. We also tested whether the playfield was maybe shutting down too quickly before registering the TP offline, but this also wasnt the case.

Before leaving the base, it will say “26hrs remaining” or so, but then well return in 4-5 hours and its drained.

Note: We do not have any faction mates stealing the fuel.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> NotOP but I assume server-wide

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Last four days

On which Playfield?
=> HW, IW, DW

Structure Name(s)?
=> Various - Diglett, DROPA, DropSentry v7

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> work your wizardly powers!

I have noticed this fuel bug also.

Been going on since the season started, happens on gg from time to time too. Npc core it and all is good :sweat_smile:

nice and no one has reported it? very cool!
i would use my npc cores if they were still in my ocd :wink:

this is happening for couple of years now and it is not limited to only pvp, pve playfields are also affected, although less from my experience…

it looks like devs have either no idea or don’t want to have a idea why it is happening
and first reports that i know of to them were at least 2 years ago

on the positive site, sometimes the fuel usage is reversed and bases/ships don’t use any fuel for days, but that happens only in 5-10% the cases (to my knowledge)

you can still get NPC cores from T3 T.E.A.M.S certificates, if you have done the contracts…or from Alien Asylum once a week, 2 from both servers :slight_smile:

ugh. no point in having bases in pvp until this is addressed. SAD!

You didnt have an issue before :sweat_smile: yeah its just one of those things.

Hard to replicate. When we get that issue we just recycle them and put new down or npc core. Pain in the ass but hey, in pvp land its gon a get shot at anyway

Are you under the impression we experienced this bug before we were banned? Because that is incorrect. Not hard to replicate at all. It’s 100% every time. If you throw down a base in pvp, it will be drained in a 3-4 hours.

Wasnt referring to your ban at all, thats common knowledge and in the past .

What i am saying from another NA pvp factions perspective is yes , we have encountered the bug numerous times right from the get go in 2020 when this season season started. The database would be the problem potentially. We just either replace the base or npc core it. Not a difficult task

Ww had it on homeworld numerous times. Gg at least twice, iceworld also multiple times

Im pretty sure rex looked into it but found no anomalies

I asked Eleon QA and they know about it for years.
Unfortunately no reproduction was found yet.

That’s not that easy. Even if I or the Developer themself logs in to HWS NA and see it, they can’t do anything about it.
They need to reproduce it in their Unity Development environment.
And for that a lot of steps need to happen before.
Mainly that I grab the 30+GB backup zip, download it on my own PC, start my own local dedicated server, try to reproduce myself there. All of that is involved with couple of hours of my time.
Only then it passed the “I’ll check” state…

I dropped today a prefab base on GG on NA and fueled it.
Fuel for 1hour and 25 minutes.
Then I logged out and came back 26 minutes later. Playfield wasn’t loaded during that time by other players.
Control Panel says correctly: 0:59 left.

Plainly saying: there is more to that bug than just that.
Next, I slapped 25 solar panels + 2 capacitors on the base, it says 1:53h. Let’s see in 1 hour.

Do those bases have Solar Panels?

We must basically go through each device and find the leak. In combination with NPCs/Animals around the base, other players, DSL (rendering of structures), is playfield loaded or not, etc.

I mean if you say

does this mean the leak always happened while nobody from you were online?

A simple test would be:
stay 1 hour on the playfield and keep checking if fuel consumption is correct.
then try to go offline for 1 hour and see if it’s same.

Hey guys, correct me if i’m wrong here NotOp,

‘Do those bases have Solar Panels?’
I do not believe there are solar panels on the bases we had in the PVP playfields.

‘does this mean the leak always happened while nobody from you were online?’
I could be wrong, but I think it is a combination of players being online and offline.

RexXus, in your testing - would you mind adding a teleporter and sensor to your base? Basically set the sensor to turn off your shields and turn on the teleporter when you step onto the teleporter. Then the opposite when you teleport out.

We tested that this was working correctly by watching each other leave the playfields, BUT we were curious if this combination is having an issue when the playfield is unloaded altogether.

One other question related to this - is it possible to have the structure commander report fuel? All of our structures report 0 even when they are on.

You mean that?

Thanks for the answers.
I try to do the tp/shield logic and check.

If your bases have no solar panels it could only mean:

  1. A bug with loading / unloading structures in terms of DSL and/or playfield unloads
  2. A device goes crazy that have an EnergyInIdle value (Deconstructor) for example.


Yes RexXus, that is the column I was referring to.

Your theories seem plausible to my limited understanding, anything we can do to help troubleshoot?

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I did preform a test where I sat there for about 30-40 mins constantly checking the fuel. It did not bug while I was present. I was have mined for about an hour while a base was up and came back and the fuel was still good.

It seems the bases run out of fuel 3-4 hours in while no one is on the playfield.

I can send you some of our bps if you’d like to test directly from the source!

Note: 1/3 of the bases did have constructors or furnace, but the others did not.

Thanks for looking into it!

I’ll follow up and do some more testing with video today. :slight_smile: hopefully we can figure it out!!

we used to have fuel issues not only with bases, but with defensive HVs also…specific example i tested and tried to solve were bases and HVs we had on Desertworld on EU

some HVs did run out of fuel completely in several hours, some used almost no fuel (few minutes worth of it) and some had normal fuel usage
all of them were parked on a base or few (5-15) meters away from it, all in ca. 50-100m radius from each other
base was almost always running out of fuel so we did put NPC core in it
last testing i have personally done with bases/HVs on EU/NA were made around a year ago

on RE (my experience is 2 months old) we had very similar issues on GG, main difference is that bases and most HVs either used fuel normally or didn’t use fuel at all, while 4-10 HVs always used fuel normal (number of “normal” fuel using HVs was different each time tested)…it is very likely that few of the HVs used to much fuel, but i can’t be 100% sure of that (to much people traffic and way less testing on my side)

on RE, we also had more then few bases in PVE that were using a weeks worth of fuel in just 4-5 hours, no matter if solar was present or not…my personal experience with this issues is now 3 months back, using NPC cores in my base/ship atm, but few people in faction still had this issues (last confirmed problem that i recall was 2-3 weeks ago)

from my observations, this fuel issues happened no matter if someone was visiting the base/area around it regularly or if no one was on the playfield for days

what i do know for sure is: if you are last person to teleport out from a base/ship with properly set signals (shield turns on after you teleport out) but shields are not back up when you leave, when you come back few hours later, in at least half of the time you find (almost) empty fuel tanks…tested in PVE only on all 3 servers multiple times around 2 months ago

that however does not account for any issues with HVs

Just wanna throw this out there, I had three bases on GG last time I was playing…two were identical towers, and the third a short tower. Each tower fully fueled lasted around 48 hours or so, and I topped the tank off each day as I logged off. Each day the “east” tower was completely drained of fuel, but the west tower had like 30 hours left in it…so as someone said the solution was npc cores. on all three. If you need a few @DS3_NotOp let me know sir…and welcome back sir!!

Small edit: I cant remember having this issue prior to shields being added, and I think @Marko may be on to something…

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Hey guys thanks for the input!!

We preformed three tests today -

Test 1- Fueling base completely and standing in base for two hours. This had no impact on the fuel. When I checked the fuel two hours later, it was where it needed to be.

Test 2- Fueling base complete and logging out while still in base (not using teleporter). Test also lasted two hours. When returning back, fuel was where it should be. No issue. I requested all my faction mates not to enter the playfield.

Test 3- Fueling base completely and using teleporter and then logging off and not enter playfield. After 3ish hours, a faction mate checked the status of the base, and it was completely drained.

It seems like the issue is super complex and will require a ton of testing hopefully from players and devs.

Note- I have video evidence of all three tests if this will be helpful.

One other thing I just thought of. The two towers I mentioned in my last comment were defensive only, with no teleporter. The third base…the shorter tower was the base with a teleporter and I never had any major issues in that one. I was thinking this may be an issue with the game calculating power usage with the teleporter “on”, but as I said the only base with a tele never had power draining…