Full wipe tomorrow?!

WARNING: the hacker who hacked the Elemental Bank with the message “4.0 or riot” and set the interest to 0% left a message:

“Full wipe probably coming tomorrow (20.10.) during the day!”

Never trust hackers… but who knows… nothing is confirmed anywhere…

Well … I mean…you know when you wipe the server.

I hope to have a day or so notice so we can give our CVs the death they deserve.

No. I only know for sure if I know it for sure which means that I got information from headquarter.
No 100% information given… but a hint…
But since we are warning since almost 2 weeks it won’t be a surprise if it happens “suddenly”.

Right - but I imagine it’d only happen with 4.0 going live right?

I would say based on the most recent experimental it is coming very soon, very few changes coming now just bug fixes

Yeah I’m getting the same sense based on the fact that last build had like 4 line items compared to the previous 40+

Right. That is the spirit since now. Big Patch Empyrion = Big Patch HWS. Always at the same time.

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The way this is phrased, and the fact that it its sticky pinned… makes me think it is actually a warning that server WILL be wiped tommorow, lol.

Lets hope so! i want to play…

Just launched 4.0 on my server and it allowed me to keep all my previous bases, ships etc.