Fully reseted?

Strange I get a full reset ? Need to start over again. Need to choose startplanet… so lost everything??? Why?
Wasn’t online today due to the update 4.02.

I will check it. Give me a few minutes. There should be a backup of you, so no worries. Anyhting you eremember what you did last?

And can you please change your forum name to your ingame name. Cant find you this ways :frowning:

KIEKEBOE@BE… yesterday i builded a base at the hunter planet… today i wanted to start playing… server stil in 4.01. My version was 4.02. So i couldn t start the server. When server was version 4.02. i started it… and got message startscreen. Choose start planet. Thats all.

Hope you can find me now :wink:

Are you on the right server? Because you are still on hunter planet :wink:

ohhh no this can t be true… did i do such a stupid thing… will try again…and sorry in advance. might be the solution

No problem :wink: If not let us know. We allways have backups to get you bakc. Even if you play furhter until we can get you back.

ok so you can allways do rollbacks… sorry feeling stupid… i am a little slow today. Partying to much last night. Thanks

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