Further adventures in CSW


More CSW problems.

I CSW from EU to SAN successfully, re docked my SV and enetered CV cockpit. Was looking at map and I got kicked. I relogged and jumped to another system. No SV!
In Structure commander it shows deleted - 576384 - ID
Id just spawned it and hadnt named it unfortunately. Small Vessel.
ah Ive lost my inventory too.

Ive given up and gone back to Rex Mortuus.

:frowning: oh man… whats going on again. thanks for the info. Ill check it.
You CSW more often (and those work?) right? So this was just one or a few times of all CSW-Warps lately or?
when was that?
Did your inventory not get there at all, or just disappear after some time?

I only noticed my inventory gone after about 3 jumps. the initial CSW was ok, everything got through certainly the ships and my good self, i cant be sure about the INV, i didnt notice. On the whole, CSW is good, I dont have a problem, though I seem to have more than most in fairness!!

Id really like my stuff back if you can …


Ok I’ll check that tonight when i get back. did you warp close after another? from one to another server?
Can you briefly tell me from where to where you warrped today before the EU to SAN with the SV problem.
Just that i know when to start looking or the inventory loss.

I’ll PM you mate.