Furtive Sage Gaming is Looking to set up a cross server with another dedicated server

Hello all,

I have a relatively new dedicated server running 24/7 that isn’t hosted through a service. Currently the server is set to private however we will be opening to the public. There is a nice community of players (growing) and through our discussions with the community everyone likes the idea of doing a cross server connect. I’ve never done it - I’m looking for another community that has experience with this and would be interested in working with us on this project.

Thanks for you time!

Hello @Furtive_Sage,

thanks for the offer of a CSW cooperation (I think).

As you might know HWS is doing CSW between the EU and NA server for almost 2 years now. It’s awesome.

A CSW between other servers however is very complex and requires in-depth discussions. Best via PM.
To think about:

  • Universe
    • Resource & POI distribution balanced in all connected servers
    • PvP or PvE
    • hotspots
  • Mentality & Rules
    • There must be a baseline
    • How to ban or handle banned players on one and the other connected servers
  • Knowledge
    • How to share and workout knowledge to grant equal chances
    • Intellectual Property in sharing
  • Donation and Reputation
    • How to handle donation systems for all connected servers
    • Who gain what Reputation and who cares about it

Just a short list.
A CSW cooperation with HWS was already in discussion with some other servers but somehow it stopped if it moved further to the details…

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@RexXxuS I greatly appreciate your response and input. Being a former and current Space Engineers junkie this was always something I wanted Keen to consider implementing, however it was not really on the Keen development path for their product.

With regard to your bullet points - I would be very excited to work with those set of challenges. I m new to your EmpAdminHelper but am starting to get a firm grasp.

I am no stranger to developing a shared culture(community) with rules in career as well as former gaming outfits.

Your roadmap (what I have seen) is logical as well as reasonable and appears to create a gaming platform where everyone plays by the same set of rules.

I am at a bit of a disadvantage with Empyrion as I’m relatively new to the game. On the server side I may need a little hand holding on specific customizations outside of your tool. Certainly getting it right on the cross server side of things.

This is certainly your show - I am seeking to be a part of it and hopefully be able to bring some value to the community.

I look forward to any future discussions regarding the topic! :v:

Back revisiting this years later. We have interest in doing this with our community. However, between the document which is a bit aged - based on the way the tool looks today and some gaps in the “i” and "t"s we have been unable to get this to work. Both instances are dedicated and on separate hardware at separate locations. The video I found is great on an how to use in game, but not on how to set it up. There are some confusing aspects to the document when trying to use it for the setup with the latest EAH tool. Has this functionality been depreciated? Are there other more recent documents and troubleshooting to get this to function? Any help would be much appreciated.