G. of the Galaxy GoG is Recruiting!

GoG is recruiting for good times! We have a private Discord and a Base on Uranus. Looking to Expand our Forces in order to protect the Traders like it is our Duty as Guardians!

Nyfaria is the only one who can pilot the Main CV of the Grand Fleet.
Be Polite.
Help others when Possible.
Protect Traders at all Cost.

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your people “LAD” is attaching the same origion alliance people? why?
i can not tell if damage isbeing done but its clear from then logs you “GoG” are attacking same origon people “gardion”.
so please stop wasting peoples ammo. otherwise respot a bug to rex please.

i fought off at least 4 attackes by GoG.
i dont think this will be acceptable long term.


my spelling is bad sorrry im sure you can fill in the blanks :frowning:

I was there, you attacked him first.

Nyfaria sorry but https://www.gog.com/ is already taken. I suppose GoG will never have their own website now… Perhaps you can rename GoG to GoG (Good old Games). :stuck_out_tongue:

Nyfaria I can add GoG to the recruitment LCD onboard auxilio.
Since I spend most of my time helping new players I’m happy to feed my allies, as they grow stronger we all as an origin grow in strength :wink:

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not true, the base turrets fired on him and he was attacking.
what i am curious about is i thought we were in the same origin so why did the turrets even go off?

i certainly did not attack you myself.

at any rate was damage done? i could not see any but i do have the intruder log showing i was attacked by GoG.

beats me.


our Website could be GoG.Nyftalstudios.com, because i own the Domain NyftalStudios… lol, but i think a website is a little stretch right now for our small faction! XD