Gabriel Missing a big part

I had the same issue with the Arc II, now with another ship, Gabriel ID 20537001.
I’ve been in the black hole at 17.30 untill 18.30 then logged out and parked on elemental market, then got back to peacekeeperHQ and everythink was fine. I had the interation bug (i could not open stuffs) but i was late and logged out.

Now i logged in and a big portion of my ship (gabriel) is Missing.
Last time i saw it full was at 20.00 of today 14/02/2017

tell me if you can help once more pls

Is the ship missing or is half of it invisible, i found the same thing happened to me and if you walk into the area where your ship is supposed to be you still receive collisions.

missing, in the p menu nothing wich was there is shown
so it is the same bug i got last time on ori

maybe it has something to do with overcrowded peacekeep planet :wink: we could help you in that case…

maybe, come and try :smiley:

Same thing happened to two of my ships, most frustrating one was a large combat cv a few weeks ago. I thought it was graphical glitch but p menu showed the stuff missing. Second was immediately when I spawned a tiny warp sled, it was missing half of itself as well. Can’t tell what specifically seems to be causing the issues.

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