Galactic Crime Fighters

Hey there to all who read this:

Posting this up as a possible idea to communicate with other Guardians/Traders/ or anyone who has been attacked and seeks justice from the law of the Galaxy.

This is a formal invite for all Guardians to take a stand against incursions against the Galaxy! Below put down Faction names, Crew lists, Offenses, and hopefully the Guardians of HWS will judge the crime and take part in seeking justice in righting the wrongs that have been accused.

Many players and factions get raided fairly within the server and lose everything, on here, we hope to bring these crimes to light so that they may be dealt with by a swift hand from the law!

May HWS be with you all.

~Nate: MWG-Guardian~


Sounds like a job for the Hunter origin. :slight_smile:

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So your intent is to try and hunt down the winner of every pvp fight… Good luck?

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Good point there, but a couple things to keep in mind id imagine would be:

Was it a fight or an attack? A Trader could have been in black hole and tried to run and got shot at/down. As a guardian its our job to keep the galaxy safe.

If its a pvp fight where both parties met for the engagement (or if the attack was provoked), i don’t see a reason for getting involved.

From a game standpoint, of course we don’t want to discourage pvp fighting (thats the fun in the game) rather promote it, if there is a list of wanted “criminals”, maybe more Guardians(or hunters/freelancers/etc.) would be on the lookout for a fight.

And lastly, all crimes not reported can’t be dealt with!

Thanks for bringing that point up though, i can see where people would abuse this as a “i lost so i’m gonna call this a crime” situation.

Maybe a good starting point would be to get to a point where guardians actually come to help if a trader gets attacked. Or maintaining a presence in black hole like some already do. But here is the thing, in reality there are almost no pirates left active. Atleast ones that are a threat.

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Both are issues, i hope to at least change the first one. So far MWG has started doing patrols at least once a day. Yeah that not a lot but its a start. With this we could also track pirate movements too, so if a lot of attacks are happening in a specific sector we could focus on that area. But yeah currently not a whole lot of pirate activity that we have seen (or know of).