Game crashed with orbitting CV and with rescue SV

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What happened: game crashed twice while trying to orbit Mars X. Once with CV and once with a rescue SV i spawned hoping to get the CV back. I am stuck in space

Both times game did not respond anymore and all i could do was a log off from Task Manager. Both times i saw a short error message fro Empyrion stating Game Security Error #000001
Player(s) with issue: me
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): somewhere between 9.00 am and 10.00 am
Playfield: orbitting Mars X
Structure Name(s): CV NewDawnLightMiner and one of my SV tier 1s (both spawned for rescueing servicess)
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: can you teleport me and my vessels back to my base on Mars X? Thank you.

Hey @mgaag

hmm… this error sounds weird but somehow familiar.
Can you maybe send us your Client Logs so we can forward it to Eleon?

I warped you to your ships for now (both ships were still on Mars X, but at position 1050 in the sky… common problem at the moment about playfield change. Pilot moves > ships stay.

Here are the two logs of today. The small one states something about a PDA preview not found and was the attempt to get to the CV i lost earlier. The big logfile was the initial session

Client_180701-072245-37.log (677.4 KB)
Client_180701-084134-63.log (16.3 KB)

Thanks for getting the ships back

The PDA warning can be ignored… other errors or exceptions can’t be found… weird :frowning:
Guess it was more EAC / Windows related then


logged on and the Cv was 800m up in the sky nose down and i fell instantly off it on the ground as i wasnt seated
so i BPed another SV tier 1 and went up when it was finished as my other two SVs are half way across the planet

Immediately i got warnings about having more than two SVs and while trying to rescue my CV i fell from my 3rd SV

Of course the only SV that does matter (not the rescue SV tier 1 collection i have by now) will be taken when i return and then i am done with this bugfest spending more time to recover from these bugs than enjoying the game

Sorry to hear.
So what ships should be warped where now to get you good started again?

with a lot of hassle and almost exitting planet again i managed to get the ships down flying around at 100m below orbit

it did cost me a lot of time tho so could not fly to ECC and missed out on my EB5 unfortunately

rethinking what to do for now as restricted planets are almost a no go area for me at the moment with this bug going on

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