Game Crashes after login ~ (cc85bf6a8a04)

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What happened: i died and want to respawn in my ship but something is going horrible wrong now i can´t do anything the map doesn´t load and i am lost in an empty map. when i die again my game crashes after relogging im again lost in an unknown empty space

Logging in isnt possible anymore till, today
Player(s) with issue: /’\ |_ |{
Server: HWS Europe
Time (cb:time): 06.03.2018
Playfield: Black Hole
Structure Name(s): none
Structure ID(s): none
How can we help you now: bring me out there :wink: or reset my spawnpoint if possible, i updated all my drives so far, but didnt help a bit, on other servers there are no problems at all ~ plz help


yes, this is a super rare bug which can cause you a bad day.


I warped you to your Moon Base.

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Please send us your client logs


In the attached rar file there are all Logs i found on the PC ~

kind regards

/’\ |_ |{

Which attachment?

ok i have same problem and i post it
pls help me