Game Is Crashing When Attempting Login

error.log (33.0 KB)

My log files.

same here in game and crash each time after 20 seconds

me too and 3 friends of me…

What playfields?

Mine is the Pirate playfield - Medium Difficulity/Snow Planet.

Sorry, I didn’t catch the actual name of the playfield.

Ok. It might be due to alot of meteorites (not planed). We will fix that asap. a few more minutes though

Thanks Jascha

trader easy here crash

I also can not play since you updated the server a little more than 30 min, I enter the server it hangs and falls, I am in the player filed guardian of the breathable just do not know if it is g1 or g2 of the guardian.

It’s the same for me on the Starter Trader. Each time after 10sec :confused:

Here is a screenshot, if ever it can help …?

I have the same problem on the guardian planet. If I look to the left before going down to the planet my computer freezes and nothing else happens.

Thanks for the report guys.

We restarted the server and reduced the meteorites amount massively. Can you please verify again now?

Closing-- reduced meteorites resolved the issue.

if it comes up again, please post again in the 6.0 bugs post under the get Support group. (search for “S1:17”).