GameOptions.yaml not found

Hey There, hopefully I can get a fix to this.

Every time I boot up EMP Helper - it resets all my server settings.

The only conclusion I’ve come to is that I cannot load the gameoptions.yaml from the scenario.

I’m currently using the Pegasus galaxy on my server and every time I click the “game options” button I get the following error:

I noticed the directory is missing a / so it’s looking for Pegasusgameoptions.yaml when it needs to be Pegasus/gameoptions.yaml

When I go into the server settings and adjust the directory I receive this error:

Any help would be appreciated! EMP Helper is amazing - but I am unable to use it when it resets the server setting upon opening.

Just wanted to touch base - I installed a vanilla server and I still receive the same error with the gameoptions.yaml

I am using NItrado as a host but I don’t recall having an issue before. It seems that it just keeps looking for the yaml file without adding the / at the end of the scenario folder.